What To Do When It’s Difficult To Stay Positive 

The world is not going through its finest moment. Then again, the world has always been a tumultuous one. Wars, conflict, pandemics, and personal tragedies have always pervaded history. The only difference now from the earlier centuries is that we have access to the news at the touch of a button. We can learn about a boy’s tragic accident happening on the other side of the world in less than an hour. As a result, it is more challenging to stay positive because we are continually bombarded by bad news worldwide. 

While the world is far from perfect, it is good to remember that good things are also happening. The problem is that bad news makes for higher ratings than good ones, so the media chooses the former. Staying positive during these trying times can be difficult, but it is not impossible. If you feel overwhelmed by everything, consider the following tips to improve your state of mind.  

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Take CBD As A Natural Remedy 


Another way of experiencing serenity during challenging moments in your life is by taking the natural compound CBD. The latter comes from the cannabis Sativa plant species, but unlike its cousin cannabinoids, hemp-derived CBD has less than 0.2 percent THC, so it cannot make you high. The risk of overdose or paranoia is nonexistent as well. CBD is legal in many countries because of its lack of intoxicating properties and because it comes with a list of physical and mental benefits.  


CBD can regulate serotonin levels to keep anxiety symptoms low, among its various advantages. It could also manage the stress hormone to keep you from being in continual fight-or-flight mode. Finding CBD products is now a safer and more accessible process. Searching for THC Gummies in UK will deliver a long list of premium products that you can buy and have delivered straight to your door. CBD comes in various formats, from CBD oil to gummies, vape liquids, skincare products, topical creams, etc. 


Don’t Make Positivity The Ultimate Goal 


We all want to feel cheerful and joyous every day, but that is an impossible goal. Sometimes we are overwhelmed by fear, anxiety, anguish, or other negative emotions. Instead of insisting on staying positive, why not accept that you are feeling something else? Feelings are temporary and fleeting entities that come and go like waves. Accepting that you will sometimes feel sad and feel joyous is how you can lead a more serene life. Our thoughts and emotions are like the waves that come and go as they please. However, we are something more profound, more still and silent, like the bottom of the ocean. 


Move Your Body 


It is far more challenging to stay positive if you remain indoors and allow the voice in your head to go overboard with scary scenarios. When you find that your inner voice is going into overdrive, adopt the habit of heading outdoors for a short walk. Exercise in itself has a list of advantages. The main one is releasing endorphins into the body, which are essential to infuse us with feelings of well-being. More than that, heading outdoors is a good way of switching off your inner voice and having the distraction of nature to give you respite from the scary scenarios inside your head. 


Navigate the news with caution 


It is tough to stay positive if you are constantly sifting through bad news. The first thing to acknowledge is that the news will always be negative because that is what creates a sensation. So if you are finding it challenging to stay positive, it is best to take a break from watching the news or reading it. If you still want to keep updated on what is going on in the world, commit to reading the news or watching it only at a specific time. One dose of bad news is better than going on social media and browsing through different negative stories every hour. 


Surround Yourself With Joyous Human Beings 


When you cannot feel positive, it is always good to be around innately joyous people. These people always smile on their faces, and they always know how to find a sliver of hope amid the darkness. It also helps to admit that you are not feeling at your best instead of trying to fake a positive attitude for their sake. Acknowledging that you are going through a difficult time with someone else is just one of the many ways to accept the negative emotions you are experiencing and normalize them rather than create more fear and anxiety around them.  


Although human beings will always have their bad moments, other beings in this world will always be the bearer of joy. Pets, especially dogs, bring undeniable pleasure to all of our lives in an infectious way. So when you are looking for a dose of positivity, seek out a friend with a pet you love or visit a local animal shelter where you can surround yourself with these joyful beings. 


Bottom Line 


Labeling a moment in your life as positive or negative is not the best way to lead a peaceful and anxious-free life. The next time you are going through a challenging time, rather than labeling it as an unwanted negative feeling or situation, observe it and accept it for what it is. You can only change your position with more presence and perspective through absolute acceptance. 



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