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Each of us at least once felt anxious, worried, and suffered from negative thoughts. There can be many reasons for this, for example the news on TV or problems at work.  Any such cause can be a source of negative thoughts, stress, and anxiety. Of course, if you regularly suffer from anxiety, it is worth seeing a psychotherapist. Perhaps your anxiety has underlying causes. But if it’s about individual situations, try to follow our advice!


There are many breathing techniques, and all of them in one way or another to help calm down. This method will especially help if you need to calm down quickly. Start consciously breathing in through your nose and exhale through your mouth, while breathing out should be equal to the inhalation. Repeat this exercise several times with your eyes closed. In principle any exercise like this can help you to calm down and concentrate on your feelings and sensations. But it is important to do this technique as slowly as you can and to concentrate on your feelings. 


Although many of us go in for sports, physical activity is one of the best ways to overcome anxiety and to calm down. Do not be afraid, it is not about working out for hours at the gym, because for many people the very thought of it is a source of anxiety. No, just turn on your favourite music and dance for at least ten minutes in one place. You can also do some simple movements, jumping in place, doing push-ups, squats, or plank.  This is even much more effective than, say, playing games, betting on 22Bet or watching TV for distraction.


Although this advice seems simple, meditations do work. Even on the Internet you can find many tracks with the sounds of nature, birds, and dolphins. In addition, there are many apps with already recorded meditations on the topic of calm, confidence, and harmony.


If you have a lot of negative thoughts, try to describe what you are experiencing. In addition, there is another interesting method. When thoughts swarm in your head and prevent you from concentrating, expressive writing can help. Take a sheet of paper, a pen, set the alarm for 15 minutes and start writing everything that comes into your head. Important condition – do not take the pen off the sheet, no spaces and punctuation. That is, you get one such endless word. 


This is one of the most effective exercises, which will help you to calm down quickly, collect your thoughts and make the right decision. It consists of two parts. You can do it standing or sitting. Cross your legs. Put your arms out in front of you with the back side facing each other, then put your right hand behind the left hand so that they touch with the palms, interlock your fingers and, bending your elbows, turn your hands inward, press them to your chest, so that your elbows are facing down. Keep your head straight, don’t throw it back, with your chin down, your tongue against your upper teeth and your eyes looking up. Stay in this pose for a minute.  Let’s do the second part of the exercise. Put your feet parallel, cross your arms, put your hands down and connect the tips of the fingers of both hands with each other, thumbs parallel to the floor, the rest looking down. The tongue is still at the upper teeth, but now we look through the joined fingers to the floor.

If these tips do not help you and you constantly suffer from anxiety, you should see a specialist. Sometimes the cause of anxiety can lie in unjustified expectations, underlying traumas, or internal conflicts. Sometimes we do not notice how certain patterns of behaviour have a negative impact on our lives and our decisions. Therefore, if possible, combine therapy with those techniques that can be applied in everyday situations. These were five techniques and exercises for all tastes, choose what resonates most and anxious thoughts will bypass you!

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