Most common TV repairs That are Done by tv repair shops in Lawrence, KS

Television is a significant financial investment, but you will use it almost every day for at least a couple of hours, making it a high-involvement purchase. Despite what you may believe, televisions are extremely fragile and can develop various problems over time. Some problems can be solved by yourself, while others require the assistance of a professional.


Because of all the inputs, devices, smart features, streaming platforms, and audio options, repairing a TV can be time-consuming. Viewers frequently encounter various visual and audio issues, some of which may give a false impression that the television is broken. Most TV repair issues, however, can be resolved with some quick TV inspections by tv repair shops in Lawrence, KS.


Most TV viewers will encounter problems at some point, and we’ll show you how to fix them. If the following recommendations fail to resolve TV image and audio issues, a claim on your manufacturer’s warranty or third-party TV warranty insurance may be required.


Most common TV repairs That Are Done by tv repair shops in Lawrence, KS

There are pixelated or fuzzy areas on your television’s screen.

If the image on your screen flickers or stutters, you may be receiving a poor TV signal. It’s also possible that a poor signal is to blame for your TV’s pixelation, which appears as if the image is cut into several small squares. Begin by double-checking all of the connections between your TV and cable box and the power outlet. Check that all of your television’s connections are secure and tight. Contact your satellite or cable provider if you’re still seeing lines on your TV screen.


Your LED, OLED, QLED, or Plasma TV has cracks or lines.

If you see static on your television, start by going to the menu. If you still see lines running through the image or the screen is damaged, your television panel needs to be replaced. However, this particular solution is not economically viable. If your television has lines in the panel, see if you have an extended warranty that will cover it. In the event of a damaged screen, most warranties do not cover the cost of a new television.


There is an echoey sound.

What happens if you turn on the television and hear an echoed sound? In this case, you might have a problem with your separate sound system. If you have a surround sound or soundbar, use it with your TV speakers to increase the volume. If you turn up the volume on your TV speakers, the sound from your TV will be played alongside the sound from your external speakers, but with a delay, resulting in an echo. If you had a separate sound system, you’d have to turn down the TV volume to hear your speakers properly. To get rid of the echoes, turn down the volume on your television or turn off the sound. A trained technician from tv repair shops in Lawrence, KS should repair a TV’s sound system.


You may not be able to hear your audio in real-time due to this delay. For example, you may notice that a person’s mouth moves, but the sound does not appear until later. In this case, adjusting the “audio delay” settings on your TV’s audio menu may suffice. Your television and audio should now be back in sync.



The more advanced a television becomes, the more fragile it becomes, and faults may vary from minor color and brightness difficulties to significant concerns with blown capacitors. You may resolve the most frequent TV issues by going to the settings menu or turning the TV off. If it seems to be a problem that you can resolve by adjusting the settings on the TV’s menu, try it; but, if it appears to be a hardware issue, we highly advise against attempting repairs at home and hiring tv repair shops Lawrence KS.

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