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Synwin will show you how to find the right mattress manufacturer for you?

You should think about the mattress when you are looking for furniture, whether it is for your home, apartment, or hotel project.

To offer more choices for beds, many new technologies are being applied to the hotel industry. Manufacturers offer beds that can adjust individually to meet the individual needs of guests. It is incredible to see the rise in connected mattresses!

When buying a mattress, there are many things to consider. According to Synwin, mattresses are classified based on how many “seats” they have (one or two), and technology (spring, latex, pocket springs, memory shapes, etc.

How do you select the best mattress?

The “first-night effect” was recognized by scientists a decade ago. This is the half of our brain that stays awake unconsciously alerting us to new surroundings. When we travel, we expect to get high-quality sleep. This is also true for the home. A well-rested, healthy body requires good quality sleep. Here are some tips from mattress companies for both homeowners and professionals in the industry.

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Many companies will discuss specific issues. Many companies will assist you with your search, particularly for quality suspension (foam latex) or springs.

The Synwin will help you find the best mattress manufacturer. These tables show your weight and size. A soft mattress is best for light-weight people. If you are overweight, you will need to buy a stronger mattress support.

The density and thickness of your mattress will depend on how much you weigh. A thin mattress will have a low density. This means that the mattress won’t be strong enough to support your body’s weight. It will also be less likely to retain heat or humidity during the night. A thickness of 23cm is recommended. Spring mattresses can be as thick as 20-25cm, while latex or foam mattresses may be around 15-20cm.

What size mattress should I buy?

It is important to measure the mattress before you buy a bed. A mattress that is not shaped or sized for you may be uncomfortable. Quality sleep is not possible with a high-end mattress. These are some simple guidelines to help you choose the right size mattress.

Your height will be determined by your measurements. Your height will determine how long the bed is. The width of your bed will depend on whether you are alone or with someone else, and the comfort you desire. As we rotate 40 times per night, it is important to consider the width of your mattress.

How thick should your mattress be?

Thick mattresses are preferred by people who love them. Most mattresses will be between 20-30cm thick. A mattress must be at minimum 14 cm thick to fully reap the benefits. Your mattress can be turned easily between 14cm and 20cm. You can also lay a sheet on top of a medium-thick mattress much easier than if it were a fitted sheet.

  • THICKNESS 14-18 CM
    A mattress between 14-18 cm in thickness can be used for extra beds such as sofa beds or cribs. These mattresses can be stored in a convenient way, even though they aren’t comfortable. The user’s weight determines the mattress’ thickness. For heavier people, the mattress should be thicker.
  • THICKNESS 20-25 CM
    Mattresses between 20-25cm thick are possible if you have well-padded padding. Foam and latex mattresses may be toned or softened depending on their density. You have the option to choose which mattress suits you best and your comfort preferences. If you have back pain, consider a thicker or memory mattress.
    Mattresses 25 cm and higher are best for those who like to sleep well. These mattresses are very thick and provide a significant advantage in comfort, durability, and ventilation. This mattress is great for couples as you won’t feel your partner moving while they sleep. There are also some drawbacks. There are downsides. The downside? Regular maintenance.

When should you change your mattress?

Experts agree that a mattress should not be changed more than once in ten years. It doesn’t matter when your mattress was purchased. Listen to your body. If you experience back pain or stiffness after getting up, your mattress should be changed. If your mattress becomes stained or has a change in color, you can also alter the color.

Professionals should replace the box spring at the same moment as the mattress. A box spring is an important part of good bedding. It has a significant impact on the comfort and longevity of your mattress.

How can you keep your mattress clean?

Regularly cleaning your mattress is important in order to avoid the growth of mites or bacteria. This is the best way for your bedding to last a long time.

We also sweat throughout the night, which can infiltrate our mattresses and create a humid environment that supports mold and bacteria growth. Healthy bedding is essential. This goes beyond regular house cleaning. You can contact the manufacturer for more information.

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