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How Mike Kobeissi Rose From Grocery Clerk to Top Selling Real Estate Agent

Mike Kobeissi was just like any other grocery clerk. He worked long hours for little money and dreamed of something better. But unlike most people, Mike took his dreams and turned them into reality. Today, he is one of the top-selling real estate agents in the country. Here’s his story.

Mike was born in Beirut, Lebanon. Civil war and street fighting drove his parents to find a safer place to send their only son Mike. And so, his family decided to send Mike to California. Kobeissi spent his early years growing up in Foothills. In Lebanon, Mike would race rally cars as a young kid, which got him to develop a love for cars, eventually shaping his future career path.

In college, Mike started working at a grocery store. He didn’t love it, but it was a steady paycheck and helped him save up some money. He then got his real estate license and seized an opportunity to start selling real estate in La Cañada Flintridge and surrounding areas.

Thirty years later, Mike has sold thousands of homes. One of his most spectacular successes was selling a mansion designed by Myron Hunt. The 4-story home sold for $11 million in 2018. Mike hasn’t lost his love of cars. Each month he opens Kobeissi Properties to the community for people to come and share their exotic and classic cars. Cars & Coffee draws hundreds of visitors monthly to see properties, talk about cars, and buy some real estate.

Mike Kobeissi‘s story is an inspirational one. He went from being a grocery clerk to one of the top-selling real estate agents in the country. If he can do it, anyone can!

Transformation as a real estate agent

Due to his dedication and hard work, Kobeissi was able to segue into local real estate thru an entry-level position with Jim Dickson’s real estate company. Kobeissi’s mentor was Dickson, who rapidly helped the ambitious agent get his real estate license while also gaining better business and market understanding. Kobeissi thus went to the top rapidly. He has maintained his position as a top producer in La Canada Flintridge for over 25 years by comprehending his clients’ demands and going above and beyond.

Experience of Mike Kobeissi

Over the long run, real estate success requires a personality with accolades. To learn about their needs and wishes for a new house, customers need to be able to engage with a real estate representative directly. The same caution must be used while selling. A top real estate agent assists people in achieving their goals through smooth purchasing or selling.

Kobeissi can connect with Middle Eastern customers more easily than other agents in his company who only speak Chinese and Korean. The capacity to connect with customers in many languages is becoming more and more crucial as the community of La Canada Flintridge diversifies. This enhances and improves the purchasing experience.

With his professional design knowledge, Mike Kobeissi helps existing homes turn into tomorrow’s hottest properties. Prospective purchasers can better see a house or investment property’s potential by carefully remodelling, furnishing, and staging it.

Visitors to the Kobeissi Properties’ headquarters, which was designed in the style of the Mediterranean, catch a glimpse of this. Exquisite artwork, unique construction with ancient charm, and vintage furnishings create a captivating fusion of the lavish and familiar. Kobeissi’s unique sports car displays, on the other hand, bring a bit of glitz.

Personal Interests and Hobbies

Mike Kobeissi has a deep love for cars, as shown by a quick visit to Kobeissi Properties’ offices and his Vehicles and Coffee event. His collection is a wide and remarkable showcase of the clearest examples of automobile design and engineering, from sports cars to antique luxury automobiles.

A workshop with Ferrari-inspired paint-raised platforms for dazzling displays and storage possibilities are a few of the distinctive elements he has included in his professional offices. Additionally, he built-in store equipment for maintenance, accessories, and souvenirs of his favourite models.

Present-day obligations

Mike Kobeissi runs the multimillion-dollar real estate firm Kobeissi Properties. When it comes to buying, selling, remodelling, or building a new home, Kobeissi Properties can help. Kobeissi enhances homes with a masterful aesthetic touch as a design guru.

Achievements and Successes

Kobeissi is honoured to have attained and sustained the title of the top producer in the La Canada Flintridge real estate market for more than 25 years.

He has helped sell hundreds of multimillion-dollar mansions over his career. With the $11 million sale of former senator Frank Putnam Flint’s mansion, he accomplished the most expensive real estate deal in his city’s history in 2018. He is committed to the neighborhood and helping others buy the appropriate house to fulfil their aspirations.

Kobeissi has accumulated in-depth expertise in the La Canada Flintridge real estate market over his 25 years in the business. Additionally, his firm is in high demand in the neighborhood real estate market thanks to his negotiation talent.


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