Top 5 Batters In ODI Cricket That Have Single-Handedly Destroyed The Opposition

One day internationals revolutionized the works of cricket. With the shift from Test matches which lasted for a few days, to ODI cricket which had a limited number of overs in an innings, the game became more enjoyable and more accessible. People who didn’t have time due to their busy schedules and could not follow the match for days to get a result loved the introduction of limited overs cricket because it was over within a single day. Hence, due to the popularity of One Day cricket, the Cricket World Cup tournament began in 1975. It became a massive hit because of the competitiveness among players and the close matches. And with so many current ODI batters on various international sides, it is hard to know who is the best batter among them. To ease your worries, we will rank the top 5 batters in ODI cricket and you can check news of upcoming ICC champions trophy to learn more about such legends.

  1. Virat Kohli

The cricketer ranked first on our list of top 5 Batters in One Day International cricket is the former Indian captain Virat Kohli. Born on 5 November 1988 in New Delhi, India, Virat Kohli represented the Indian nation for the first time on 18 August 2008 against Sri Lanka in an ODI match. He is known for his classic textbook shots, ranging from cover drives to pull shots. Till now, Virat Kohli has scored 12,344 runs in ODI cricket, the sixth-highest number of runs ever scored in an ODI career. Also, Virat Kohli has the fourth-highest average in an ODI career ever, with 57.68 as his average. The legendary batter has scored 43 centuries and 64 half-centuries in One-Day internationals. Although Virat Kohli was going through a slump, he has been scoring big runs consistently but was not able to convert them into centuries.

  1. Rohit Sharma

The current Indian captain, Rohit Sharma, is holding the second spot on our list of top 5 batters in ODI cricket. Born on 30 April 1987 in Nagpur, Maharashtra, India, the Indian captain made his debut in ODI cricket against Ireland on 23 June 2007. Rohit Sharma has scored 9,376 runs in ODI cricket, the second-highest number of runs scored in an ODI career among current batters. Rohit has scored the highest runs in an innings, with his score of 264 made against Sri Lanka. Currently, Rohit boasts a batting average of 48.58 and a healthy strike rate of 89. He has the fourth highest number of centuries in ODI cricket, with 29 them. Also, Rohit Sharma has also scored 3 double centuries and 45 half-centuries. He is known for his pull shot which has enabled to hit sixes with ease and score runs at a higher pace. Although he didn’t perform to his abilities during the early stages of his career, his later stages had been nothing less than phenomenal.

  1. Babar Azam

The current captain of the Pakistani team, Babar Azam, is capturing the third spot on our list of top 5 batters in ODI cricket. Currently ranked at first place in ICC Men’s ODI Batting Rankings, Babar Azam has a tremendous average of nearly 60 and a strike rate of almost 90. Born on 15 October 1994 in Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan, Babar Azam made his debut against Zimbabwe on 31 May 2015. Babar Azam has scored the most number of runs in a series with 1305 runs. Till now, Babar Azam has scored 4,537 runs in ODI cricket and made a total of 17 centuries and 22 half-centuries. He has also hit the most number of centuries in a series, with 6 of them. The 27-year-old has been the second fastest to reach 2,000 runs and 4,000 runs and the third fastest to reach 1,000 and 3,000 runs in ODI cricket. Barbara Azam is also accredited for scoring the most number of runs in a single Cricket World Cup, with 474 runs scored in the 2019 Cricket World Cup.

  1. Quinton de Kock

The former South African captain Quinton de Kock is the cricketer who takes the fourth rank on our list of top 5 batters in ODI cricket. Born on 17 December 1992 in Johannesburg, South Africa, Quinton de Kock is a left-handed batter and gloveman. He made his debut in One Day Internationals against New Zealand on 19 January 2013 and has played 132 matches since then. The South African better has scored 5,774 runs in ODI cricket and has a batting average and strike rate of 46.19 and a strike rate of 96.20, respectively. Quinton de Kock has made 17 centuries and 29 half-centuries in One Day Internationals. He has scored the second-highest runs ever by a wicket-keeper, with his 178 against Australia on 30 September 2016.

  1. Kane Williamson

The New Zealand cricket team captain, Kane Williams, features in the last spot on our list of the top 5 batters in ODI cricket. He is known for his sublime batting technique and composed demeanor. Born on 8 August 1990 in Tauranga, New Zealand, Kane Williamson played the first ODI match of his career against India on 10 August 2010. The right-handed batter has played 154 matches and scored 6,269, including 13 centuries and 39 half-centuries, in ODI cricket. He has a batting average and strike rate of 47.13 and 80.9 in ODI cricket. Williamson led his team to the finals of the 2019 Cricket World Cup before losing to England.

These five players are currently the best batters in ODI cricket, according to us. Their consistent performances in the format and their attitude toward the game are what make them great.

ODI cricket started with 60 overs per innings but now has been further cut down to 50 overs per side. But now some experts are suggesting further shortening it down to 40 overs per innings because people are losing interest in it and don’t have such a high attention span. It will be interesting to see how their careers pan out in the current decade and with so many Cricket World Cups to come.

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