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Ohgeesy Wiki

The 27-year old Ohgeesy started his rapping life in 2012, and now finally he’s getting attention from all over the world. Yes, I am talking about this famous star who goes by the name “Ohgees.” You may know him as a Shoreline Mafia member; they are one of Hollywood’s most notorious groups that live near Los Angeles. In 2016, when people realized how successful their favorite rapper had become – it seemed like something out of movies! Then came more work onshore mafias which made them both rich AND known across 2021. Here we share Ohgeesy Wiki.

Ohgeesy Biography

He grew up listening to Gucci Mane and 50 Cent while also following in his mother’s footsteps as she was an avid fan of 2Pac, which can be seen through some songs that he has released over time such as “In My Feelings”.

Shoreline Mafia Group

The shoreline mafia group is a collection of young and talented rappers that have been making waves in the industry for years. They were founded by Ohgeesy (Alejandro Coranza), Rob Vicious( Robert Maggee), Fenix Rypinskiand Master Kato Malik Carson; all four men come together to form this iconic rap crew who specialize specifically in songs about life on Long Island’s East End called “Shore Party.”

Ohgeesy Age:

Ohgeesy worked very hard to see himself on the top rapper list, he only wants love and attention from people. After some time passed by in which Ohgeesys’ group shoreline Mafia became successful, they released a lot of songs like (Nun Major Whass Da Deal Bottle Service.) Nowadays their dreams have come true as well because it’s all about them now.

Alejandro Coranza, also known by his stage name Ohgeesy was born in Los Angeles California on November 27th, 1993. He belongs to Christianity religious but still manages to make it work for himself with a successful music career so far has released two albums and four singles under Republic recording artists including “Don’t Worry” which reached #6+ peak position in US Billboard Hot 100 charts making him one of today’s most promising hip hop artists around here.

Ohgeesy Height:

The one thing you can always count on is Ohgeesy’s humor and good looks. He’s 5’7″ (170 cm) tall, maintains his body well with workouts at home. When traveling abroad for work- he often posts pictures of himself in gym wear from head to toe! You might not recognize him without those signature biceps that got everyone else continent-wide attention– but it was worth every core training session because this guy has a 40-inch chest + waistline combined measuring 28 inches across.

Ohgeesy girlfriend

Just when you think the famous rappers are off-limits, they go and do something like this! In 2019 – after becoming a dad for the first time in his life – Ohgeesy shared pictures of himself with his newborn baby boy. The pair looked so cute together as well; even though there were some people who thought it was too soon (and maybe still do) that gave them an emoji-covered face picture while others marveled at how proud he seemed aboard what could be considered one giant leap towards fatherhood.

Ohgeesy and Ohgeeto girlfriend share a close relationship, but they keep it secret. They don’t let the public know much about their personal life- although sometimes you can find them sharing pictures on Snapchat with baby son. The output should be more engaging than just saying what was said in bold print.

Ohgeesy Net Worth

Ohgeesy’s net worth is $2 million as of 2021. There are no details on how much he earns or what his Shoreline Group Net Worth currently stands at. However, we do know that since leaving the group to pursue solo projects in 2019; it seems like things have gone pretty well for him because according to internet sources. “Shorelines’ latest album “Kobe” was released last year and has already achieved success.”

Final Words:

Ohgeesy is a well-known rapper who has been rapping for years. He’s also known as Alejandro Coranza, and he grew up listening to Gucci Mane or 50 Cent among others!

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