The Indian celebration of Raksha Bandhan honors the love and respect that exists between brothers and sisters. Here’s a collection of Raksha Bandhan activities for kids if you want your kids to enjoy and understand the event. The sister wraps a rakhi around her brother’s wrist and prays for his well-being and wealth. The brother vows to protect her and lavishes her with gifts, delicacies, and money in exchange. The festive atmosphere and spiritual ceremonies fascinate the majority of children. Festivals, on the other hand, should not be limited to just ceremonies and fine cuisine. Including interactive activities will encourage youngsters to learn and enjoy themselves more. It will also strengthen the bonds between family members. So, if you’re wondering what Raksha Bandhan activities you may do with your kids, this list of suggestions will assist.

A Rakhi Thali Decoration Competition is a Raksha Bandhan activity for children

You’ll require:

a few big platters

Flowers that are blooming




Haldi is turmeric powder.

Kum Kum powder is a red-colored powder.

How to Do It:

Gather all of your siblings, relatives, and friends together. Give each child an empty plate and a packet with rice, fresh flowers, dried fruits, sweets, Haldi, and Kum Kumpowder.

Ideas for gifts for your brother

The main thing of this festivity is the exchange of gifts. When we were younger, I recall being more interested in seeing what we were getting as a gift than in tying a rakhi. In the beginning, the brother would bring a present for the sister, and the sister would prepare delicious meals for him. Sisters have started buying gifts for their brothers in recent years since they have earned more money and may be able to order food from outside. So, if you’re not sure where to begin your search for the right rakhi gift, here are a few gift suggestions Fashionable present.

Purchase something fashionable for him from Myntra. Either the shoes he’s had his eye on for months, the watch, or simply anything that would look amazing on him.


Give him a Bluetooth headphones for his virtual calls, because this is the age of working from home. You could also get him a fitness watch to keep track of all the calls he’s been making!

Gifts for working from home

Give him a calendar, planter, or post-it notes, as well as a marker set, for his home office. He’d be grateful if you could spice up his home office.

Playing Interesting Interactive Fun Games is a great Raksha Bandhan activity for children

You’ll require:

Several sheets of paper

Pens and pencils

How to Do It:

Gather all of the children in a circle and hand out a piece of paper and a pen or pencil to each of them.

Tell them to make hilarious drawings of one other, compose a narrative or poetry for each other, or write down their favorite books or movies. You may also advise students to write down each other’s positive attributes, which can inspire them.

Allow them to enjoy reading the paper sheets by exchanging them. You may organize fun activities for youngsters at home

Rakhi celebrations also imply family gathering together to celebrate, joke, and anticipate a fun time together. In the midst of all of this craziness, you might need some assistance organizing some unique activities for the kids so that they remember this day for the rest of their lives. Here’s a list of a few of those activities to keep your kids occupied and interested 

Treasure Seeking

Make a treasure hunt and keep the prizes you find at the end. Allow the children to locate the prizes by following the clues. You may make it more exciting by imposing innovative punishments on the losers.

Make a skit

The youngsters can do a little play based on the narrative of Draupadi and Krishna, in which Krishna cut his finger and Draupadi stopped the bleeding with a piece of her new saree. In exchange, when Yudhishthira lost a bet, Krishna spared her from being humiliated by Duryodhana. Peering into our mythology may be entertaining.

Make your own rakhi – it’s a competition!

You may have DIY rakhis on hand and challenge the youngsters to build their own rakhis in a competition. It shouldn’t take an hour, but they’ll have a better time if they get to knot their rakhis and win rewards. You can also send gifts online to your dearest sibling.


Relationships are at the heart of each celebration, and this is especially true with Indian festivals. Raksha Bandhan honours one such relationship: that between a brother and a sister. This connection is not as well-known in other countries as it is in India. Raksha Bandhan is a Hindu holiday that honours the love between brothers and sisters. It’s a day when siblings pray for each other’s health and happiness and exchange good wishes.

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