Matt Stonie Biography 

Matt Stonie Biography 

Matt Stonie has a younger brother too and his name is Morgan. He has been known by many names, but most commonly goes by “ Megatoad” which comes from his merging of Japanese and Czechoslovakian genes with Lithuanian heritage. Matt graduated from Evergreen Valley High School located just outside San Jose California – where he also attended college at rival Universitycal Polytechnic Institute before pursuing modeling full time!

Some Important Feature Of Matt Stonie Life

 The two often participate in each other’s production challenges which are uploaded on Matt’s YouTube channel. Matt Stonie is a YouTube star who has been accumulating subscribers and views since 2012. His first video went viral with over 1 million views in just two days! Matt posts various types of content on his channel including eating competition videos, food production tutorials (like how to make your own ice cream!), funny sketches, etc. Making it very difficult for him to choose which one you should watch first when visiting this site for the very first time

 Matt Stonie Age

Matt Stonie is a 28-year old man who loves to give his competition an opportunity for victory by competing against them. He has won every single time he’s taken part in these food fights, making him undoubtedly one of if not THE best competitive eaters out there!

Stonie Height

Matt Stonie is a young, fit and healthy man. He has an ok height – not too tall like other American men or short-tempered with the ladies on their knees 😉 His profession revolves around food but he doesn’t let it affect his weight; 59kg(130 lbs) for size reference if you were wondering!

Matt Stonie Dating 

Matt Stonie is a popular figure in the world of poker and has been since he was just 15 years old. He’s consider one-of if not THE best player currently playing. What many people don’t know about him are his personal life. Specifically whether or not there’s anything serious going on with regards to dating! We were able get some information from someone close who says that while Matt definitely isn’t married right now.

Matt Stonie’s Girlfriend

Matt Stonie is a popular YouTube star and according to the internet. He has been dating someone since they were both just teenagers. The only information we could find on him was that one of his ex-girlfriends went by “Greta” which may be her married name when she got hitched in 2017 but there’s no way for us know if this refers specifically as opposed other people who use those names so please take it with plenty salt! Matt Stonie is a hott guy with many women wanting to be his girlfriend. So far, we haven’t been able find any information on Matt’s past relationships.

Matt Stonie Net Worth

Matt Stonie is a well-known competitor and earning money from his competition. He has also achieved recognition on YouTube, with over one million subscribers to date!

Matt Stonie Instagram

Matt Stonie is an eating competition competitor who has over 360,000 followers on Instagram. He posts videos of him training and competing in events that are both entertaining as well informative for those interested. I highly recommend following this amazing athlete through his social media channels if you enjoy fitness or competitive eating because he posts daily updates about what’s going down at the gym while giving tips based off experience gained throughout competitions so far.

Matt Stonie Instagram page name is (matt_stonie)

Matt Stonie Instagram Followers- 365k followers

Final Words:

Matt Stonie is an American competitive eater and YouTube star who has gained fame from his Nathan’s Hot Dog Contest victory as well as other successes. He currently resides in Florida, where he trains at The realization gym under coach Matt “The Animal”.  Arnold76% of people claim they know somebody or knew somebody named “Matthew.” However no one can seem to remember if this person goes by either first or last name. It might be worth checking out!

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