What is Smartsheet

What is Smartsheet

With the rise of new productivity tools, many organizations are seeking ways to help their teams increase effectiveness. One such company is leading business development and IT consulting firm Smartsheet which has recently developed a solution for aligning people with technology through its popular platform which helps businesses create better workflows while also boosting employee satisfaction levels.

Features Of Smart sheet:

Enhance Collaboration:

Smartsheet is the ultimate destination for team collaboration. With one account to manage all your work, attachments, and alerts in real-time across different platforms; you can be more efficient than ever before. With Smartsheet you can share work, attach details and automate alerts to projects in one location. The tool is easy-to-use with an intuitive interface that makes collaborating on tasks in real-time possible – all from anywhere at any time.

Better Visibility

Smartsheet’s reporting and dashboards are fully customizable so you can roll up key information from across your projects in one place. You’ll also have a complete history of changes, which is handy for auditing purposes. Smartsheet is the perfect tool to track your projects, whether you’re a manager or an individual contributor. You can set up customizable reports that will help keep everyone on task with what they need in order for their work group’s efficiency and productivity levels!

Easy Accessibility:

With Smartsheet, you can share work with an unlimited number of free internal and external stakeholders that are available from anywhere. Smartsheet is a revolutionary team collaboration platform that makes it easy to share and view all your work anywhere, on any device.

High Integrations

Smartsheet is a tool that has twelve O365 integrations and many others, including Salesforce Jira DocuSign Google Box Dropbox. Smartsheet has an extensive list of integrations with a variety of different tools, including Salesforce and Jira.

Move Organzation Faster:

Smartsheet is the end-to-end work execution platform that allows you to collaborate, manage and report on your projects in real-time. The automated workflow capabilities of Smarthunter make it easy for anyone within an organization (or outside!) to bring their ideas into action without having any technical skills needed. Smartsheet is a productivity and task management platform that helps businesses manage work in real-time, and automate tasks across the organization for increased efficiency with its end-to-end workflow automation features.

Multiple Views of your Data

Smartsheet is a task management app that lets you take your data and create visualizations to support how different teams across the organization prefer to work. You can have one document with all of its information in different views for ease-of-use, or switch back between grid/cards depending on what mode someone else might need access to. With Smartsheet, teams can work in different ways to achieve the best results. You have a choice between grid view or card views which are both easy and intuitive for any user of our platform!

 Real-time Reporting

Smartsheet’s unique reporting features are designed to give you the single source of truth.  that your team needs so they can stay on top of their game. With live data displays, customizable dashboards, and easy access through portals for everyone in an organization or project workspace. There’s no need to go back and forth between different systems anymore!

Robust Global Security and Administrative Controls 

It is no wonder that 75% of the Fortune 500 trust Smartsheet to meet or exceed their strict security requirements. With extensive administrator controls, you can manage and audit access with ease. All in an effort for us at SMART Technologies (our parent company) to continue delivering top-quality service!

Automate your Workflows

With Smartsheet’s powerful automation workflows, you can make data collection and action easy with forms that collect information quickly. And because it offers an intuitive interface for defining rules in the system. All configured via simple drag-and-drop options or by clicking on prebuilt templates. You don’t need any coding knowledge at all.

Final Words:

With a single sheet, you can see the work alongside decisions and rationale. This improves visibility across an organization as conversations remain in place. So new employees or team members get up to speed quickly while existing staff have access that was previously unavailable. The All Plans allow for seeing what has happened with key conversations right there at your fingertips. No more having to go back into old chats just looking around blindly trying figure out where something fits!

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