5 Online Tools to Use for Better Content

5 Online Tools to Use for Better Content

Creating and distributing content can be challenging and time-consuming. But great content is a critical part of almost any marketing strategy because it’s one of the most effective ways to reach potential customers and drive awareness of your brand or product. Creating that content is also a lot more fun when you cut out the struggle and get creative with the help of some excellent online tools to assist you in your efforts.

1. Content Checker

This type of content checker scans your written content and alerts you if it appears similar to content created by someone else. This can help you avoid embarrassing mistakes, such as accidentally creating content identical to someone else’s work.

The Internet Archive– The Internet Archive is more than just a free tool that helps you check for plagiarism. This website also archives websites, videos, and audio clips, making finding content that has already been created easier.

Copy Leaks– Copy Leaks is an online plagiarism checker that is entirely free. This tool can scan your written content for similarities to other written content, whether published online or not.

Paper Rater– Paper Rater is another content checker that can assist you with writing your content. This content checker can be used online or offline and accessed through your computer or mobile device.

2. Content Distribution

Another challenge with content is distributing it to reach as many people as possible. Sometimes, the best option is to share it on social media. But if you want to get a broader audience, sharing content on just one platform may not be enough. That’s where content distribution comes in.

Social media automation: If you’re distributing content on multiple platforms, automation can be a huge help. It’s best to choose automation tools that are suited to each forum.

RSS feed: Another popular content distribution method is using a feed. Feeds are websites or blogs that contain your content.

Content curation: Curating content is a way to combine content from other sources and share it with your audience. You might want to curate content from other blogs and websites, or you could curate content from social media posts.

3. Free Writing Tools

If you want to write your content but don’t know where to start, tools can help you get the process started. Some of the best free writing tools include:

The Adventures in Creative Writing app– This app helps you get your creative juices flowing by guiding you through writing short stories. It’s available for both Android and iOS devices.

Brainstorming sites– This is a simple way to help you start your writing. You can check out My Brainstorms, Creative Boiler, or Idea Generator.

The Hemingway App– This app can help you write better by identifying and fixing common mistakes. It’s an excellent tool for both beginners and advanced writers.

4. Video Editing Tools

The next critical aspect of content creation is video creation. A video is an excellent form of content, and it’s become an essential part of many marketing strategies. If you want to create your video content, a few tools can help you.

Animoto: Animoto software helps you create professional-looking videos from a template of your choice.

Camtasia: This software lets you create videos and add text, images, and other content. It’s best for advanced users and comes with a hefty price tag, but it offers plenty of features.

Voice-O-Matic: This app will turn your written content and images into professional-sounding audio narrations.

5. Photo Editing Tools

You need to edit your photos before using them in your content. You can edit them manually, but that will take a long time. Fortunately, some photo editing tools will make the process easier.

Canva: Canva is a fantastic tool for creating images for any purpose. You can choose from thousands of templates or create your own from scratch.

PicMonkey: It’s an easy-to-use app that lets you edit photos, create collages, and more. It also has tutorials to help you improve your skills.

Adobe Photoshop: It’s one of the most robust photo editing tools on the market. It’s also a paid product, though cheaper versions are available if you’re on a budget.


Creating and distributing content is challenging, but it’s also essential to almost any marketing strategy. Luckily, there are many online tools available that make this process easier. There’s something for everyone, from voice-based content tools to photo editing apps.



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