Options for Women’s Swimsuits

There are countless iterations of the swimsuit now. A standard swimsuit for girls is a type of two-piece bikini that covers the wearer’s breasts, buttocks, and crotch. Some swimsuit styles reveal more skin than others. Swimsuits are traditionally two-piece swimsuits. However, topless variations are occasionally called bikinis


  • A string swimsuit, sometimes called a stringkini, is a more exposing and sparser variant of the traditional swimsuit. The stringent nature of its construction is where the moniker comes from. A thin “string” loops around the waist to link the two triangular portions, which are joined at the groin but not the sides. Like the string swimsuit tops, these bottoms include “string” parts that you use to secure them in place. Strings can be strung together or left free to hang. The amount of posterior covering provided by a string swimsuit bottom can vary from very little to quite a little.
  • A monokini, also known as a topless swimsuit or a unikini, is a swimsuit that serves as the upper part of a swimsuit. From the cleavage of her naked breasts, Gernreich’s monokini seemed like a one-piece swimsuit suspended by two halter straps. It had only two thin straps over the shoulders, leaving the breasts uncovered. Consumers bought the monokini in unprecedented numbers that summer, even though the garment was rarely seen on the streets due to the opposition of fashion critics and religious officials.
  • A microkini, also called a micro swimsuit, is a tiny swimsuit. Both sexes tend to wear clothing with scant coverage of the genitalia, leading many to believe that shaving or waxing the pubic region is necessary. The sole purpose of any supplementary straps is to secure the garment to the body. Fabric may be held in place over the genitalia using glue or wire in some iterations of the microkini. These cuts do not need supplemental straps at the side to maintain a secure fit. Even the most extreme forms of the microkini consist of little more than a few thin straps that reveal very little skin.
  • The tankini emerged in the late ’90s as a hybrid of the traditional tank top and the more recently popular swimsuit bottom. Tops are what set the tankini apart from the traditional swimsuit, with the tankini top being essentially a tank top. The bottom hemline of a tankini top falls between the wearer’s navel and the highest point of their hips.
  • A sling swimsuit is sometimes called suspender swimsuits, thongs, slingshot swimsuits, and simply slings. It’s a one-piece swimsuit with the same coverage (or lack thereof) as a regular swimsuit. In most cases, a slingshot will seem like a swimsuit bottom, but the straps will not wrap around the hips or waist; instead, they will go over the shoulders and up to cover the breasts, leaving the entire sides of the torso bare. The straps come together at the back of the neck and form a thong that slides down the wearer’s back. A pretzel swimsuit is a style of sling bikini in which the straps do not cross the back but surround the neck, and another set of straps goes around the midsection.
  • The bandini or bandikini is a swimsuit top that resembles a bandeau but does not have straps over the shoulders. Bandeau tops are becoming as popular as traditional tankinis among young women, thanks to the bandeau’s rising popularity. Bandeaukinis and tankinis can refer to the same kind of swimwear.

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