Which Is the Best iTop VPN Plan

Which Is the Best iTop VPN Plan?

iTop VPN is one of the most versatile VPN services, an attribute that you will notice in many aspects.  One area you notice this VPN’s versatility is the many plans available, which we can put into two groups; the free and premium plans.

You can opt for any plan you feel is okay and enjoy its features. So, which one is the best iTop VPN plan? It is a common question among new iTop VPN users. The best answer is that it depends on what you are looking for. A look at the plans will show you which plan is the most practicable, as per your needs.

The Free Plan

You can use this VPN for Windows for free, courtesy of the free plan. Not many VPN providers offer free services: some offer free services but will require your billing information.  You do not need to create an account or provide your billing info when you opt for iTop’s free plan. You visit the website and download this VPN by clicking on the Download Now icon. Afterward, install and run the program for browsing safety.

The freeware features include 700MB daily data bandwidth, country change, and hiding your IP address. It is an excellent plan for iTop VPN’s first-time and infrequent internet users.

The Premium Plans

This VPN for PC has three standard premium plans: the 12-month, 24-month, and 36-month plans. Occasionally, you may get the 3-month plan, which is more of an offer. The subscription fee is $11.99 per month. Let us look at these plans to know more about them.  

The 3-Month Plan

The 3-month plan is an excellent starting point when coming from the free plan. All premium plans attract a discount, with this plan having a 50% price cut. You pay a $17.99 one-time fee to subscribe to the 3-month plan. Keep in mind that this plan is not available at all times. For more queries about it, you can contact customer support.

The 12-Month Plan

You pay $3.99 monthly for the 12-month package, translating to a one-time payment of $47.99, a 65% price cut. This plan is ideal for short-term users, especially if you want a VPN for personal use.

The 24-Month Plan

The 24-month plan is ideal for professional or long-term users. You pay $2.31 per month or $55.44 for its entirety, an 80% discount. 

The 36-Month Plan

Finally, we have the 36-month, going for $1.66 monthly, a one-time fee of $59.99. It attracts an 86% discount and is ideal for professional and long-term users who want the best value. 

The following are some of the resources you enjoy by opting for the premium plans.

  • Unlimited data bandwidth
  • Access to more than 1800 VIP servers worldwide
  • Secure torrents downloads
  • The ad, tracker, and malware blocker
  • Boosted browsing protection
  • Faster browsing speeds
  • A 30-day moneyback guarantee

Final Word

iTop VPN is easily among the top VPN services where you can lay your hands. It has various plans that you can opt-in, as evident in this article. Use the info provided to guide you to a befitting package. 

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