10 Mobile Apps To Have On Your Phone At All Time

More than 2 million apps are available in the market, and new ones are frequently launched. There are numerous useless apps, as well as well-known ones like Facebook and Google Maps. But what about unknown applications that truly add value? But, is having apps on the phone enough? 

Not really! You need to work them out and learn to implement them in your daily life to make your activities efficient, thus making them faster too, which is important in this day and time. However, the full potential can only be used if you are connected to the internet at all times and your apps are working to make a place in your life like a support system that gets you through the day. For this connection to be reliable and smooth is a plus in life and less frustration, in all honesty, thus the recommendation of Xfinity WiFi keeps you connected and provides hassle-free services that help relieve your worries. 

With the internet in check. You need to check out some unusual available options to make your life a tad bit easy and save time, and for your convenience, we have selected 10 of the best apps to have on your phone. Read up!

  • SafeTrek

You might have times in your life when you feel like your life is in danger. You can be in the wrong area of town at the wrong time, or you might be walking home late at night. With SafeTrek, all you have to do is press the “Hold until safe” button; if anything happens, just let go of your phone, and the system will immediately call the authorities and let them know where you are. This app has consistently received five-star reviews and is safer than pepper spray. It is regarded as one of the top safety apps.

  • Countdown +

Life is full of exciting things that happen. This is the ideal app for you if you want to monitor them and countdown to them. You’ll probably agree after downloading them that they rank among the most inventive odd apps you’ve ever utilized.

  • Sleep Cycle Power Nap

There are various types of naps. According to research, a rapid nap, sometimes known as a power nap, is much more refreshing than a long snooze in the middle of the day. By ringing a quiet alarm when the proper amount of time has passed, this program prevents you from oversleeping. Fortunately, it also has a mode to make a recovery nap and a single sleep cycle option that allows you to complete one complete sleep cycle so no alarm sounds up rather than waking up in REM sleep.

  • Nu Skin TR90

This app is for you if you need to better control your weight. You can track your food consumption and keep a record of your workout routine in addition to keeping checks on your waistline. To stay as active and healthy as possible, you may keep track of the most important health-related tasks in one easy step.

  • Sleep Talk Recorder

Ever heard someone say you talk in your sleep? Not assured? Try out this fantastic app. You don’t need to play back a 24-hour recording because it just activates when sound is detected. The things you say while you’re asleep will no doubt shock and amaze you.

  • Venmo

This innovative tool allows you to transfer payments for free to just about anyone. Also, nearly anyone can send you a money request. This application is quick and simple to use, and it will quickly become one of your favorites.

  • PaperKarma

Keeping spam out of your inbox is not difficult anymore. However, what about the paper junk mail that clogs up your actual mailbox? Finally, there is an app for that! Simply take a picture of any unwanted mail you receive and upload it to PaperKarma. If it’s sent to you specifically, the app will instantly get in touch with the sender to request that they remove you from their list. What’s best is that it actually functions.

  • Horizon

Isn’t it frustrating when somebody shares videos that were shot on vertically held smartphones? Due to the image being cut off, the picture appears much smaller. This app is for you if you frequently forget to hold your smartphone upright while taking a video. No matter how you hold your phone, it always records videos in landscape, sometimes known as a horizontal, format.

  • Any.Do

Quit writing down your to-do lists on paper. Everything you need to take care of is in front of you while using Any.Do. Its “Moment” feature actually gives you a quick overview of what needs to be done right away. By using this software, you may put an end to the constant worry that you’re forgetting something important.

  • RadarScope

This software will provide you with the greatest and most recent radar views of the area around you if you want to know what’s really going on with the weather. This is what the weatherman reads if you’re interested. This app is for you if you’re a weather fan.

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