TikTok Star Noah Beck Bio

TikTok Star Noah Beck Bio

Noah Beck is a popular personality on the TikTok platform. Just because of the videos that he posts, people love him and follow everything about soccer! He’s not only good at playing but also studying for upcoming matches with the University Of Portland (his school). Here you may read TikTok Star Noah Beck Bio.

Who Is Noah Beck

Noah Beck is a popular personality on TikTok, and he’s known just because of the videos that are related to soccer. Noah loves playing this game–he even goes as far saying it helps keep him grounded! Lets read TikTok Star Noah Beck Bio.


When people think of the sexiest and hot man in their generations, they usually go straight for a younger guy. Well don’t worry because as we all know that Noah Beck is not just any ordinary 19-years old boy! He’s also one of TikTok’s biggest stars with over 2 million followers on his account alone – which means he has more power than many other celebrities twice or three times older then him can even dream about having. He became famous after posting videos detailing everything from cooking recipes (he really knows how to cook!)to pranking friends during college breaks without ever leaving home grounds thanks.

Noah Beck Height

He is a hot topic these days. His intelligence and fitness have been the talk of town for quite some time now, but it seems like people are finally starting to notice that there’s more than meets the eye with this guy!

Noah stands at just under six feet tall – he must workout often if you can see your face in his shirt when standing near him (even though mine bows out). The man does however possess an incredible physique which I know from personal experience because we were together once before…

Noah Beck Instagram Id

Noah beck Instagram Id- noahbeck https://www.instagram.com/noahbeck/

His family

Noah Beck’s family is unusually large for someone of his age, but he has two elder sisters and their names are Tatum and Haley. There’s no information about Noah Beck father or mother – we’ll keep you updated on that front!

His Career

Noah Beck, a 21-year old American soccer player who was born and raised in Arizona is one of the most well known young athletes today. He attended college at University Of Portland where he played Division 1 Soccer before going onto have successful careers both on campus as captain for their team or else abroad playing professionally against international opponents like Brazil’s Ronaldohinha (Ronaldo) whom Noah met during an exhibition match last year!

Noah Beck Relation:

In 2020, Noah started dating fellow TikTok star Dixie d’Amelio. Initially, the couple said they plan to keep their relationship secret. It didn’t work out as people were already suspicious about them. Due in part from her sister Charli being one of Hollywood’s most popular stars on social media-based reality shows like ” Shorelines”. There she gained fame for getting into public fights with other women while wearing next door neighbour type outfits within minutes usually over something very small such happened last week.

It seemed as though Dixie and Noah were best friends for many weeks. People knew that wasn’t true because of how often they appeared in each other’s videos. It finally came out when someone asked Jaden Hossler about his thoughts on the relationship during one of her YouTube shows – he said “they’re actually dating.”

Final Words

Noah Beck is a 19-year old YouTube celebrity who rose to fame on TikTok. He’s been calle “the most handsome man” by many women. Because they find him attractive both inside and out. It isn’t surprising considering his signature good looks combined with an All American smile! In additionto being popular for videos he posts about fashion trends or doing chores around the house while wearing pajamas , Noa has exciting plans coming up in 2020 including releasing new music hopefully sometime next year .

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