Top 6 Men’s Sneakers That Are Trending in 2022

The ‘fashion in footwear’ tag is no longer restricted to women. Sure, women certainly have more options when it comes to footwear but the men’s footwear segment has certain sophisticated trends to explore too. 

In fact, one particular type of footwear has gained cult status recently, thanks to basketball and other sports making it popular. Yes, we are talking about sneakers. This particular shoe style is known for its classy look and super comfort. 

Men are known to be very attached to their sports and fitness. This explains the obsession with different kinds of sneakers. This attraction to sneakers has led to brands trying their best to come up with new and varied choices for men, which brings us to the top 6 men’s sneakers that are trending in 2022. Let’s get running, shall we?

  • Air Jordans – These gained recognition after the release of the movie Space Jam. This movie had famous basketball player Michael Jordan in its star cast and it is this movie that coined the term – Air Jordans. Even with air jordans, there are sub categories now. 

Calling air jordans a trend would be incorrect but not mentioning them when talking about sneakers would be a sin too. These have now become a classic when it comes to sneakers and are a must-have for any men in their collection irrespective of their age and the year they are living in. Just watch any sporting event on Firstrowsports and you will see the hype about Air Jordans. 

  • Leather Sneakers – If you are a man who is open to trying new and quirky things, then these are for you. As the name suggests, these are made of superior quality leather which gives them a shiny look. Particularly, because of the quality of leather used, they are not just extremely comfortable but will last longer too.

Since sneakers are not associated with a formal look, these leather sneakers give you a chance to try them out with semi-formal wear. Needless to say, they go well with denim too. Leather sneakers can be expensive and it is precisely why a lot of people buy from dhgate china

  • Forrest Gump Sneakers – Just a couple of years before Air Jordans became the thing, it was Tom Hanks who made sneakers cool in the movie Forrest Gump. These were classic white sneakers with a coloured brand logo near the heels.

When we talk of Forrest Gump sneakers as a trend, we are referring to the return of the prodigal white sneakers. They have once again become a must have in a man’s closet. Since they are white, an extra effort must be made to keep them spick and span. 

  • Minimalist Sneakers – As the name suggests, these sneakers contain minimal design and colors. These are perfect if you are a simple man looking to project the same simplicity onto the world through your shoes.

Minimalism is already making waves when it comes to interior design. It is only a matter of months before it gains the same traction in the fashion world. It makes sense to have one pair of minimalist sneakers in your collection that you can pair with anything under the world, be it formal wear or denim.

  1. Black Sneakers – White and minimalist sneakers are not for everyone. For those with an active lifestyle, going for black sneakers is an excellent idea. Unlike white sneakers, they do not require a lot of maintenance, and any color or texture of clothing goes well with black.

    There are a lot of options too, when it comes to black sneakers. For instance, a lot of men swear by cheap travis scott shoes. Others are big fans of certain brands that believe in the magic of black.   
  2. Funky Sneakers – Do you remember those brightly lighted sneakers that Marty McFly wore in Back To The Future Part II? Yes, those may have gone out of sight since 2011 but have certainly not gone out of mind.

Anytime you want your feet to be the center of all attention, you must make a grab for these funky sneakers and all your woes will be done away with. In fact, the brand that is known for making these has made only a limited number and these are quite rare in supply. Collector’s edition, you see. 

So these were a few trends that have made a mark in 2022. Ultimately, you need to go with what is comfortable for you and what makes you feel good. Who knows, you might pick a rare sneaker and make it a trend. 

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