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After the introduction of online tutoring websites into the education system. It has changed the teaching methodology of many tutors. Students have developed an interest in subjects. There are many websites which are providing a tutoring service. The cuemath online is one of the most recommended websites among all. Cuemath online divides the course into two major types the first one is the foundation of maths concepts which is taught between the kindergarten to grade 6 students. Another one is the  Cuemath leap program is taught for the students of the 7th grade to students of the 12th grade. This program includes higher mathematical concepts, a customized set of instructions, and interactive classes from the maths experts. This platform helps students to develop basic mathematical knowledge which improves their creative thinking and to approach the solution rather than revolving around the question.

Introduction to Square Root

The square root of a number is a value that we will get after the multiplication of a number again with the same number itself. It is a reverse process of squaring a number.

For example, if x is the square root of y, then it is represented as x=√y or we can express the same equation as x2 = y. Here,’√’ is a symbol used to denote the root of numbers. The positive number, when multiplied twice, represents the square of the number. If we take the square root of the square of a positive number we can get the original number.

For example, the square of 3 is 9, 32 = 9, and the square root of 9, √9 = 3. But for an imperfect square like 3, 7, 5, etc., we have to use different methods to find the square

Properties of Square Root

  • The perfect square root exists for all the numbers if it is a perfect square number.
  • The number can have a square root if it ends with zero which means all the multiples of five.
  • The multiplication can be done on two square root values.
  • The resultant value is obtained by multiplying two same square roots is a non-square root number.
  • A perfect square cannot be negative it is always a positive number.
  • the perfect square root does not exist for the numbers ending with digits 2,3,7,8.
  • All the numbers ending with 1,4,5,6 and 9 in unit digits, will have a square root.

Following are the methods to find the square root of numbers.

Square Root by Prime Factorisation

Square Root by Repeated Subtraction Method

Square Root by Long Division Method

Square Root by Estimation Method.

 Importance of Cuemath Online Classes

When compared to other platforms, there is no need to wait for the arrival of tutors and other classmates. Here only students, laptops, and smartphones with internet connection are the only resources that have to be present.

All the students can attend the online classes sitting in their home, so no need to worry about any health issues i.e affecting with cough and flu which may spread from others.

The online tutor explains all the concepts clearly using effective and colorful diagrams. With the help of appropriate examples.

Since all the resources are readily available on the internet at the fingertips of the students. which avoids the mistake which may happen during the writing of their class notes. It also saves notes dictating time for the tutor. so students and teachers can utilize it in understanding the subject.

Online tutoring sessions also provide the option of recording the sessions on their laptop or smartphones. So they can be played repeatedly based on their needs. Explore more about the topic at the Cuemath website.

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