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RAR files – What is it & the Best Tools to Open These Files

An archive refers to any collection of multiple computer files along with metadata. It is a very popular practice that facilitates users to work more efficiently with digital files. Archiving files and folders comes with numerous advantages. Firstly, it reduces the file’s overall size, allowing users to store and manage them easily. Moreover, it allows users to share it with other individuals over different platforms without hassle. Besides this, archiving multiple files allows users to pack them into a single package, which simplifies the process of managing the files. 

Millions of people all around the globe use archiving as a tool to store and manage multiple files efficiently. Archive files feature numerous formats, out of which ZIP and RAR are the most popular ones. This article will shed light on what RAR files are and list down some of the best tools that both macOS and Windows users can easily access and open any RAR file. Let us begin:

What is a RAR File?

According to WinZip, RAR or Roshal Archive Compressed file is an archive format generally used to store single or multiple files. Developed in 1993 by Eugene Roshal, the format’s main objective is to compress files and save space. To create RAR files, users need to use licensed software such as WinRAR or command line RAR. Similar to ZIP files, users need to extract the files from the archive format to access and use them. Users can only extract RAR files using extractor applications. Even though major operating systems feature native tools using which users can access RAR files without hassle, numerous third-party tools are readily available to simplify the process and extract RAR files more easily. 

Best Tools to Open RAR Files:

Both macOS and Windows offer numerous tools using which users can conveniently open RAR files. Let us take a look at some of the most popular ones that are supported by both operating systems:


If you are a macOS user and wish to open .RAR files on your device, you can use any of the following tools to do the job with ease and finesse:

BetterZIp – One of the most popular unarchiver tools that tons of macOS users use to extract RAR files is BetterZip. It is a robust tool that features numerous preset workflows. If you wish to unarchive multiple RAR files and process multiple ones within seconds, you can conveniently do it by customizing a preset on the app. All you need to do to create a preset is navigate to your Mac’s Preferences section, click on Presets, browse through the saved ones in the “Extract and Saved” extension, and add new presets as per your requirements by clicking on the “+” sign. Once you have created the preset, you can use it by dropping the files into the app and choosing either the “Save” or “Extract” option per your requirements.

Unarchiver – If you are looking for a free and easy-to-use tool that facilitates users to extract RAR files without hassle, you can consider using Unarchiver. Having been in the market for over a decade, Unarchiver boasts of a massive base of users, thanks to its top-tier interface and seamless performance. To open RAR files using the robust app, all you need to do is access the app from the Applications folder after downloading it, right-click on the file you wish to unarchive and choose the “Unarchiver” option present in the “Open With” menu. 


Windows also supports numerous extraction tools using which users can conveniently extract RAR files. Here are two of the most widely-used ones:

WinZip – WinZip is a great extraction app that facilitates users to unarchive RAR files without hassle. The application’s simple interface facilitates users to open any RAR file instantly. Besides letting users open a RAR file, the robust extraction utility also allows users to encrypt files securely. Users can try the application for free for 21 days. After the three-week period, users who wish to purchase the app would need to pay a one-time fee. 

WinRAR – Another great extraction tool using which you can open any RAR file instantly is WinRAR. It allows users to extract RAR files within mere seconds seamlessly. Similar to WinZip, WinRAR also provides users the feature of encrypting files. The best part about the app is that it features a novice-friendly interface that facilitates users to browse through and access extraction features conveniently. The app offers a 40-day trial period, after which users can purchase it by paying a one-time fee. The app works exceptionally well on all versions of Windows; thus, users whose system is running on an older version of Windows OS can also use the app without stuttering. 

If you deal with multiple RAR files regularly, it would be best to use a top-tier extraction tool. Refer to the apps mentioned above and choose the best one for your system, depending on your requirements.

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