The Evolve Portal 

The Evolve Portal 

The Evolve portal is the ultimate resource for nursing and health professions students, staff members at hospitals or other healthcare facilities that require information about Elsevier products. From requesting review copies to redeeming access codes (products), this website makes it easy.

Features of Evolve Portal 

Evolve is Elsevier’s platform for helping you study more effectively and master the content in your text. It comes with helpful learning tools that will help take away any confusion or garnered knowledge gaps, as well as other resources such like videos on links which provide quick explanations related to what just happened within each chapter.

Easy Accessibility:

The Evolve resources in each new Elsevier textbook are unique codes that can be used to unlock all of these engaging study tools. If you’ve purchased a used copy, just purchase an access code from our website and get ready for some serious learning. When you buy a used book from us, we send along an access code for free Evolve resources. This means that if your course doesn’t have enough room in its text to include all the cool stuff from this amazing company then just go ahead and unlock it.

Your Way Study

 The multimedia Evolve resources provide a variety of ways to master your textbook content, so you can use the tools that align with how YOU learn best. While each new text has its own unique set-up and format for utilizing these multimedia products; some popular formats include digital flashcards games , audio/video clips case studies reviews questions printable practice forms checklists – just name it! There’s something here for everyone.

Fit Medium

If you find that your understanding of a course topic or concept is not clear, then use Evolve resources to help reinforce what was learned. These study tools can be used in any chapter and will give the right information when needed. With so many Evolve resources available, you’ll never have to worry about being lost or unable find clarification for any course topic. The search function on our site makes it easy and quick.

Comprehensive Curriculum

Everything you need to know about achieving positive program outcomes and preparing students for successful healthcare careers is right here. You can trust Elsevier’s comprehensive curriculum solutions to provide you with authoritative content and state-of the art technology that will help your students achieve successful healthcare careers. The Evolve platform offers a variety of resources to help you study more effectively and master the content in your text.

How To Signin For Free Books

This guide shows you how to redeem an eBook Access Code on Evolve, which is located at evolve.elsevier  com under the heading Redeem Yours Now!

  • To get started all that’s required are a few simple steps:
  • Sign into your account using either username or email address 
  • Click submit and enter ignition code when prompted 
  • Aforementioned web browser opened up in front of me
  • You’ll then see another screen asking if I want create my own shelves; select Add Shelf 
  • Name shelf whatever suits personal preference 6 southwest veggie burgers.
  • The Evolve website requires you to sign in before redeeming your code. Enter the required information, then click Sign In and follow these steps:
  • If it’s been awhile since signing up for an account. If this is a new user entering their details for the first time ever on any other platform. They may have used previously like Facebook etc., then click Create Account as seen below; otherwise just enter your email address try again under login fields already filled out where necessary (name & password).
  • If you already have a VitalSource account, sign in here. Otherwise follow the prompts to set up your own personal profile. We’ll get started right away on building out some great content for all of those interested followers like yourself.
  • VitalSource gives you access to over 100,000 eBooks and 1000s of movies for your viewing pleasure. You can download this program on up two computers or mobile devices. so the whole family will be able read together without dropping internet connection!

Final Lines:

You can now access and read all of your favorite Elsevier eBooks on VitalSource, no matter where you are! Read online or offline with this great app. Create notes for study sessions in the comfort of home. Downloading them onto a mobile device like an Android phone or tablet that has internet capability (a feature not included).

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