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What Is Plastic Postcard Mailer?

A plastic postcard mailer is an effective marketing tool that combines a variety of unique benefits. Consumers receive dozens of pieces of mail every week, and as a result often miss great deals and one-time redemption opportunities. The problem of ad-blindness occurs when consumers become so overwhelmed by advertisements that they simply stop reading them, or even throw them away. Plastic postcard mailers provide a highly effective way to reach consumers and increase their response rates.

Die-cut plastic postcards

There are many benefits to using a die-cut plastic postcard mailer for marketing campaigns. Not only are these postcards more versatile than traditional postcards, but they also increase brand awareness and enhance customer interaction. These custom die-cut postcards are an attractive alternative to traditional postcards, making them stand out from the stack. Read on to learn how you can utilize these postcards for your marketing campaign. Let’s get started.

First of all, these postcards are highly personalized, which means that you can include variable data, scratch-off cards, and personalized messages. They can also be delivered through USPS direct mail. Finally, because these postcards are made from environmentally-friendly Teslin paper, you can customize them with eye-catching colors and graphics. You can even order these mailers in a range of sizes, including small-format postcards for direct-mail campaigns.

Laminated pop-out plastic postcards

Consumers are more likely to keep and read laminated pop-out plastic postcards. In contrast to conventional paper postcards, they have a longer shelf-life and will not be thrown away like regular mail. Additionally, the printing on these mailers makes them feel more substantial. In this way, they make an impression on consumers. And they can be easily customized to meet their marketing goals. If you’re wondering if laminated pop-out postcards are right for you, keep reading to find out more about them!

Consumers receive an average of 454 pieces of marketing mail per year. When one of these postcards is laminated, it can easily catch a consumer’s attention. In addition, a single laminated postcard can increase the response rate by 50-75 percent. For a direct-mail campaign, 9% of consumers respond, compared to 5% for a prospective list. This makes laminated postcards a smart choice for grabbing consumer attention and increasing the likelihood of a response.

Custom printed plastic postcards

You can print your postcards in a variety of sizes. If you need to mail them without envelopes, the 3.5 x 4″ postcard is an economical option. These postcards are easy to read and are an excellent choice for limited-time offers. You can also choose a larger size for larger images and more straightforward information. Regardless of size, you should follow USPS mailing requirements to ensure that your postcards arrive in the best condition.

When it comes to the materials used to print these custom postcards, they are incredibly durable. The material they are made of is durable composite plastic, with the same 30 mil thickness of a credit card. The glossy overlap on plastic postcards helps them resist tearing, and they can be addressed as well. Whether you’re mailing to a local business or to a large audience, plastic postcards are a smart choice.

High rate of return

Whether you’re trying to reach new clients or increase brand awareness, the high response rate of a plastic postcard mailer will boost your results. It’s a proven fact that plastic postcards double the effect of a traditional print media. They are ideal for many different marketing campaigns and client acquisition programs, but they can also be used as loyalty rewards. Listed below are some of the most common ways to use a plastic postcard mailer.

A high-quality plastic postcard mailer gives the impression of exclusivity to the consumer. Since it is made of high-quality plastic, it will not be damaged by postal equipment or other harsh conditions. High-grade PVC postcards have a glossy finish and are resistant to abrasion. That’s important for marketing campaigns and client acquisition mailings. Despite the high cost of production, plastic postcard mailers can give your business a high return on investment.

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