Omnistab UV-360 and Light Stabilizer UV-928

Omnistab UV-360 and Light Stabilizer UV-928

INNO SPECIALTY CHEMICALS is UV Absorber UV-360 (cas 103597-45-1) manufacturer and Light Stabilizer UV-360 supplier in China, equivalent product is Tinuvin 360,contact us for more information.

The UV Absorber UV-360 is an effective benzotriazole UV absorber with excellent absorption properties in the 280-380nm range. Other features include high melting point, low toxicity, color fastness and low volatility. It is a modification of benzotriazole UV absorber 329. It can be used in a variety of applications. Its effectiveness has been proven in a variety of industrial and agricultural applications.

This product is suitable for various resins and processing conditions. Its low volatility allows for long-term running, reducing maintenance and production costs. The UV-360 absorbs ultraviolet light and releases the excess energy as heat. It is compatible with a wide range of plastics and is also suitable for high-temperature applications. Its compatibility makes it ideal for use in blended formulations with antioxidants and light stabilizers.

This high-efficiency ultraviolet absorbent is widely soluble in polycarbonate and polypropylene resin. It also offers effective protection for polycarbonates and polyolefin. It is a good choice for outdoor use because of its high UV-absorbency. And since it can be applied to virtually any surface, this product is particularly versatile. In addition, it can be used to treat delicate textiles, such as leather.

A UV Absorber is an effective UV stabilizer, and can absorb the ultraviolet part of fluorescent light sources. High-energy ultraviolet rays cause auto-oxidation reactions in high-molecular materials, resulting in degradation of polymers and deterioration of mechanical properties. UV absorbers protect textiles and other substances from this damaging radiation by selectively absorbing high-energy ultraviolet energy and converting it into harmless energy.

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The Light Stabilizer UV-928 is a dimeric 2-hydroxy benzotriazole UV-Absorber. It is a low volatile, non-toxic, and versatile UV-Absorber that is suitable for use in various polymers such as polyalkene, polyamide, and elastoplastics. However, unlike benzotriazole, UV-360 is highly insoluble in water. It has high absorption capabilities in the 300-400nm range and is compatible with most types of polymers.

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