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TEAS Test Study Guide: What is a Passing TEAS Score?

If you want to pursue a career in nursing, there are several things you need to do before you enter a nursing school program or a program for nursing at a college or university. Many colleges require an SAT test or an ACT test, but others will require TEAS test, but what is it, you may ask?

What is the TEAS Test?

The TEAS (Test of Essential Academic Skills) Test is a nursing entrance exam that is used by a variety of allied health care programs. It is normally one of the very last steps that you must take before you submit an application to the program you have chosen to enter into nursing school. It is many times also referred to as the ATI TEAS, TEAS 7, or the TEAS VII, but they are all the same exams.

This specific test is considered a high-stakes test for standardized admission exams which is why many people utilize TEAS tutoring. As a high-stakes exam, it means that the student can face negative consequences, such as not getting into the nursing program of their choice, if they do not score high enough on the TEAS Test.

Keep in mind that not every single nursing program throughout the United States will require students to take the TEAS Test. Some colleges, universities, and nursing schools may require prospective students to take other exams, such as the ACT, HESI, and SAT as mentioned above. There are several different paths to entering into the field of healthcare, but if you must pass the TEAS test to achieve your goal of graduating from nursing school and becoming a registered nurse, you need to find the best way to pass the TEAS test with the highest score possible. Now, to get you started on your path to success when it comes to the TEAS test by learning more about it and just what constitutes a passing score for this particular test.

Different Criteria

The TEAS test is utilized by many different nursing schools and nursing programs at colleges and universities across the country, so you will need to ask a few specific questions to find out what each requires for the TEAS test.

First of all, you need to ask each prospective nursing school, college, or university if they require the TEAS test and if so, how many times is each student allowed to take it to pass. Some schools only give you two or three opportunities, while others let you take it as many times as you want or need to until you achieve a passing score or the highest score you can.

You should also inquire as to what the score needs to be for you to pass the TEAS test. Some schools and programs will require each student to achieve at least a score in the 60s to have his or her application considered for enrollment, but other nursing programs and schools may require a score that is all the way in the 80s to pass.

You can also check with each school to inquire if their program releases to the public their TEAS nursing exam statistics. If they do, you can assess the range of scores that were achieved by students who have been admitted to the program which will allow you to understand better what a good score will be for your preferred program or college.

You will also want to find out if you have to take all four sections of the TEAS nursing exam. For example, one nursing program may not require you to take the reading section of the TEAS test, while another may require you to take the reading section.

You can check the website of the college, university, or nursing school that you are interested in attending to gather most of the above information. You can also call or stop by the admissions office of the school to ask for more details.

All About TEAS Scores

When it comes to a passing score on the TEAS test, it really depends on the school or program you are applying to and what their requirements are. For example, a passing TEAS test score is usually about 65 percent but the average score that students earn is only about 60 percent. If you apply to an associate degree in nursing program, you may have to achieve a score of at least 66 percent, while Bachelor of Science degrees in nursing normally require a test score of around 70 percent. Before setting your TEAS test score goal, you should check the requirements of the program you want to apply to so you can work towards a passing score for that particular program.

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