SBOBET an Online Bookmaker 

SBOBET an Online Bookmaker 

The world’s leading online gaming company, SBOBET has been providing gamers with a host of opportunities to bet on their favorite sporting events since 1999. With over 1500 different sports every week covered in Asia Handicaps and Live odds from Ireland Cricket Captain Joe SIMPSON-BAKER MBE., tennis player Mark Cavallero. Here we share SBOBET an Online Bookmaker .

Features Of SBOBET

The innovative website is an online bookmaker that offers gambling on all major sports, games, and poker in multiple languages with offices across Asia licensed by the Philippines[1] as well as Europe where they are based out of Man Island to operate internationally since 2009. The company’s first project granted approval for its live dealer casino service which made them one of only handfuls worldwide at this time able/granted permission from their home country – the Isle Of Man-to run such activity locally but not limited just there.

Online Gaming Company:

SBOBET is the world’s leading online gaming company specializing in Asian Handicap sports betting and live events. With over 1500 different sporting competitions each week, Sbobet offers a variety of bets for every sport imaginable – from football to badminton.

The world’s leading online gaming company, SBOBET specializes in Asian handicap sports betting and live play. With over 1500 events weekly covering major tournaments from football to Ireland rugby games every week as well other sporting disciplines such as tennis basketball badminton volleyball e-sports Gaelic soccer Hurling – you’re sure not going wrong.


SBOBET has been the sponsor for various football teams like English ones West Ham United and Leeds United, Irish group Wexford Youth as well an Indian team in ATK Mohun Bagan. The company’s logo was recently replaced on all Cardiff City youth academy shirts with that of Ty Hafan Children’s Hospice after representatives from the Premier League expressed concern over exposed youth gambling. The SBOBET sponsorship has been used by various football teams, including English ones like West Ham United and Leeds. The company  also known for its role in sponsoring the Irish team Wexford Youth as well as Dundalk which makes them an active participant among soccer enthusiasts everywhere! However it’s not just internationally that you’ll find these names; they’ve Sponsored Indian club ATK Mohun Bagan too—a top-tier side based out of Kolkata (Calcutta).


  • While the 2008 FA Cup Final between Derby County and Norwich City was being play. SBOBET ask for any evidence that might exist of match-fixing. The company denied this request as it would breach customer privacy laws; however, we all know how well those requests went when they were made by other companies (think Yahoo!). In spite of their denial, British authorities investigate. There had been any wrongdoing in last night’s game 2-1 victory from England’s perspective—and finally Au Success. 
  • The accuracy of the information published by news agencies is crucial for the success and integrity of sport, but on 24 September 2009, two prominent Bulgarian sources were publishing articles that incorrectly stated SBOBET was responsible for fixing football matches. As a result, they issued correction pieces to clarify their position; stating clearly once again: “SofaBet isn’t involved in any match-fixing scams.”
  • In 2009, two Bulgarian news agencies incorrectly linked SBOBET to match-fixing. They published a correction article stating that they were sorry for publishing false information. About the company and offered an apology via email or fax (depending on what type of media outlet it was). As well as online forum posts correcting their original stories. Which picked up by other outlets without any verification from their first-hand experience with how things work over there
  • The head office responded quickly when someone pointed out these mistakes; within 24 hours we already received confirmation from both Levski Sofia soccer club itself.


The world’s leading online gaming company, SBOBET has been EGR’s Asian Operator of the Year for two years running. They provide a wide range of sports betting and in-play live odds. On over 1500 different sporting events every week covering major tournaments like football (soccer).  NBA/NCAA Basketball mixer governs championships. European league matches as well as other popular team sports. Tennis here you can find all your favorite players perform day after tomorrow.

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