Best Homemade Food For Guppies

There are many commercial guppies foods available on the market. You can even make your own food for your guppies if you wish. Although homemade food for guppies may take some time and effort, it is far healthier and better for your guppies. Besides, homemade food for guppies is more colorful and rich in nutrients than commercial guppies foods. Commercial guppies foods are also high in quality.

Egg yolk

Making your own egg yolk for your guppies is a simple and effective way to feed your critters. Using a spoon or small cup, you can whisk an egg yolk until it reaches the desired consistency. Place the egg yolk in the fish tank and stir until the water in the yolk has evaporated. Once the yolk has cooled, divide it into smaller and larger pieces. Once the egg yolk has cooled, your guppies can enjoy a tasty treat.

Beef heart

Using beef heart as a dietary supplement is simple. Simply chop up the beef heart and discard any fat, or buy frozen hearts, grate them, and then add to a blender. Then, serve the resulting food to your guppies as a meal. Baby guppies will enjoy eating the beef heart, and you can use it as a staple for growing and adult guppies.


Shrimp is an excellent homemade food for guppies. The shrimp’s high protein and fat content makes it a great choice for guppies. You can also give your guppies live food like mosquito larvae or blood worms. You can trap these animals using a net, but make sure to catch small quantities. You can also feed your guppies vegetables like shredded lettuce or peas.

Chicken breast

Chicken breast is a great choice when making a homemade food for your guppies. Chicken breast is rich in protein, has only 5% fat, and is rich in important minerals like magnesium, iron, and cobalamin. You can slice the chicken breast into small pieces and add it to your guppies’ bowls. Make sure to boil the breast before feeding it to avoid the risk of choking your guppies.


If you’re looking for a low-cost, nutritious homemade food for your guppies, try feeding them earthworms. These animals are packed with nutrients and are widely available. Before you feed your guppies earthworms, though, you should make sure the area where you find them is pesticide-free, as this will prevent them from eating harmful chemicals. You can also chop them up and blend them with vegetable mixes.


Homemade food for guppies should not be a substitute for good quality pellet or flake foods. Fruits, vegetables and meat are great sources of nutrients and vitamins for guppies. They are omnivores, meaning they require a variety of foods for a balanced diet. However, if you want to feed your guppies a diet with more variety, you should purchase commercial guppies. They’re generally high in nutrients and have a rich color.

Vegetable pellets

Vegetable pellets are great, low-cost alternatives to flaked food that guppies can easily digest. Aside from being healthy for your guppies, vegetable pellets are also good for your tank water, and you can even soak them in orange juice to add extra vitamin C and flavor. Guppies will not eat cucumber skin, but they will happily consume watermelon flesh. Although these homemade foods are great, they are not a replacement for quality flake or pellet food. Always feed your guppies a little bit of each, and feed them regularly – feeding too much can spoil their water and cause them to be sick.

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