Crown of Stars 5e

Crown of Stars 5e

The seven motes of light appear and orbit your head until the spell ends. You’ll use a bonus action to send one among them streaking toward an enemy within 120 feet, where it will then make its way through their body before exploding with radiant energy on impact (or not). If successful at ranged attacks against different targets within this area- all hit by these sending shots are dealt 4d12+mods worth or damage respectively). Lets read about Crown of Stars 5e.

Features Of Crown Of Star 5e

While you dance among the stars, motes of light pepper your head. You can send one amongst them streaking toward a target within 120 feet that creature or object must make an 8 + dex modifier saving throw against 4d12 radiant damage dealt immediately after being hit by this attack if successful then they take half as much again on top what was initially inflicted at beginning of combat rounds proceeding instances where there are less than 3 remaining mote -shedding bright lights 30 foot radius dimming further away.

Bright Illumination

Motes of brilliant light circle your head until the end. You can send one among them streaking toward a creature or object within 120 feet. Making it an easy target for ranged attacks! If successful – 4d12 radiant damage will be dealt once hit successfully while if miss then only 1/4th this amount would have occurred instead (plus another bonus action) With four or more remaining motes still intact they shed bright illumination throughout 30 ft area around us but since I have less than 3 left there is not. 

Neutral Merchant City

  • For years, the Rock of Bral has served as a neutral merchant city where anything can often be bought and sold for its proper price. Myself included – I’ve spent many happy days here trading with locals or just taking in all that life offers while waiting out unpleasantness at sea! But now it’s time to go? The Corsair sundered his crown in order to keep these gems from falling into Wolf-kind’s jaws.
  • He battled against foes both fleet enough not only to see me dead but also willing enough to do whatever they needed so long as there was some plunder left behind after our fight had ended… And though my hull is scored heavily by enemy fire fro mall sides yet untouched thus far. For years, the Rock of Bral has served as a neutral merchant city where anything can often be bought and sold for its proper price.
  • It is here that you have shipped your wares upon ships to various corners across this galaxy with only one purpose-to serve those who come seeking something new or old from our halls.” The story begins at Corsair’s fall in battle against Wolf whose appetite knows no bounds until finally worn down by Scorpion aided equally possibly even greater serpents much like themselves but also other beasts both known dangers waiting patiently just out.

Corsair’s Body 

The captain took the Corsair’s body and fled. He brought it to a nearby temple. Where monks immediately recognized their ancient enemy had finally defeated. After so long beneath this earthy soil-bound grounds that served as both resting place for him. But also served now only more importantly than ever before. Ground zero in what would likely become an all out assault. It on any who dare try again (and fail) at taking souls away from those rightfully theirs by birthright. If not through sheer forcefulness alone. His most loyal captain took the body and fled. He brought it to monks who used charts from divine spirits in order for them to plot. where this Corsair would be buried at sea using their knowledge of magic spells. They could cast with ease on top of feathered wings, long ago lost histories–all forgotten until now. 

Final Words

That’s quite an interesting character you’ve got there. I’m not sure if it would work, but with the right build. And some strategic thinking about which spells to cast as reactions. Or bonus actions might just allow for some creative moments where things go off-screen. You can spend a reaction and bonus action to cast another spell. If you do this, don’t take any other actions that turn or else. your next scheduled one will be delayed by 1 minute.

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