Broadway Academy

Broadway Academy

Broadway’s motto is “Our Children, Our Community: Believe it can be done!” and this captures the inclusive ‘can do’ attitude of Broadway. The Academy develops young people in partnership with parents into rounded responsible citizens who live by our shared values of caring for others while believing they too have something worth giving back to their community or world. The student at Broadway knows that no matter what virus it is trying new things? He must overcome his fear through diligence.

 Broadway Academy Features:

This is an inclusive, can-do attitude that encourages all young people to embrace their ambitions. It’s captured in our motto: “Our Children – Our Community Believe it Can Be Done!” The Broadway Academy fosters confident and responsible future generations by developing them through partnerships with parents as they grow up together at home or away from school.

Broadway Academy History

Broadway Academy is a coeducational, secondary school, and sixth form with academy status located in Birmingham’s Perry Barr area. The original building was rebuilt as part of the Building Schools for Future program from 2010-to 2012 which led to its renaming from “Broadway School” back into just ‘ Broadway’. It converted wholeheartedly into an institution that offers both educationally sound courses alongside some fantastic extracurricular activities such as learning via doing; this has made it really an easy-going place where kids can explore their potential without feeling confined or restricted by any one discipline.

Broadway Academy is a coeducational secondary school and sixth form with academy status, located in the Perry Barr area of Birmingham. Originally known as Broadway School (and before that simply “The Schools”), it was rebuilt during Building schools for future programs to be ready by the 2010-2011 academic year; The new building had its soft opening ceremony on 8th December 2009 which was attended exclusively among guests who were officials from Education Services Agency Councils involvedadeducation+ainment.


Broadway Academy is a school that believes in the potential of every student. They have high expectations for their students and offer them support throughout each year so all children can reach their full capacity, with an emphasis on individualized learning based on regular progress analysis throughout school years to ensure success. Broadway Academy is a high school that places emphasis on college and career. They provide an environment where students can reach their full potential with strong support from teachers who monitor progress throughout each year to ensure success for all learners in the program.

Special Programs

At School, we provide a curriculum that is founded on the principles of Core subjects that form our K-8 school’s foundation. There is 120 minutes worth of English language arts and 90 math lessons each week for students to enjoy! Our extracurricular activities include tutoring club with Mr. Larry as well as field trips; monthly assemblies where teachers give updates about what’s going inside their classes, and intramural sports so no one gets left out when it comes to time away from academics.

At Our School, we offer a top-notch education with an emphasis on the fundamentals. Our 120 minutes of English language arts and 90 minutes in mathematics provide students with plenty to talk about at home or during playtime! We also have art classes twice per week for those who love getting their hands dirty–and no one does that more than our kids here because they’re always learning something new whether it’s how light works scientifically speaking (talk about being ahead of your peers)

Final Verdict:

Lunchtime at our school is always fun, with plenty of space for children to play and learn safely. There are designated areas set aside depending on their age group so that every child has access even if they’re just running around outside or playing in an artificial environment like the one we have here inside. A beautiful view awaits you when sitting down during meal times because it seems rather than looking out onto England’s vast coastline (which would be distracting) all your attention can focus instead on what lies ahead.

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