3 Important garage door accessories for Sydney residents

3 Important garage door accessories for Sydney residents

Garage doors are essential additions to both commercial and residential structures. The type of door that is installed in a home has an impact on its curb attractiveness, as well as the interior quality of the garage, the home’s security, and the safety of those who live there. The style of door installed on commercial property has a similar effect, affecting the curb appeal of the building as well as the safety of individuals working nearby.

Most manual doors can be converted to automatic doors, which is fantastic news. Keep in mind that some openers are made for roller doors while others are designed for sectional doors, so make sure you get the proper one. Steel-Line is delighted to talk with you if you have any queries about which opener is best, hence here are 3 important garage door accessories for Sydney residents that everyone should be aware about.


Smart technology is the way of the future, and your garage door should not be left behind. Your door will be connected to all of your smart home devices via Powermesh and the Zimi Cloud. Here are just a few of the benefits:

Use your phone as a controller: We’ve all misplaced the remote control at some point, and it always seems to happen when we’re in a hurry. You can now use your phone or even your voice to activate your device.

You may monitor your garage door from any location: Have you ever been traveling down the road and wondered if you remembered to close your garage door? You may check from your phone using Powermesh and close it if necessary. You may even use Google to check if your door is shut.

There’s no need for extra keys: Want to let someone into your house without having to hand them a spare key? You can use your smart device to unlock the door. It’s ideal for tradies, friends, or when family members get locked out.

Keypad for Wireless Security

It’s only reasonable to be concerned about your home’s security, and your garage is no different. Up to twelve separate user codes can be programmed into a wireless security keypad. It’s a terrific method to offer family members, tradespeople, and neighbors access to your home without having to hand over an actual key. Do you just want to go for a walk? You won’t need to bring your keys, and you can relax knowing your home is safe.

The keypad is weatherproof, so you may use it even when it’s raining. It’s also simple to reset if you’re ever concerned that your PIN has fallen into the wrong hands. A temporary PIN number is available, which is ideal for tradespeople or other temporary visitors that need entry to your home.

Electric Beams (photo)

Safety is a primary priority when it comes to garage doors, especially if you have little children or dogs wandering around. When Photo Electric Beams detect an obstacle, your door will halt and retract. This has two major advantages. The first is that it prevents harm to your stuff. The Photo-Electric Beams will detect any obstacle before literally stopping the doors in their tracks, avoiding the need for costly repairs.

Conclusion:- Your garage door is one of your home’s most often utilized features, but you might be surprised at how many extras are available to make it easier to use, safer, and more functional.

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