Most new smartphones are already waterproof. Or at least not that sensitive to moisture. But why is that so important? It is usually advertised that you can swim with your mobile device. But do people usually swim with it? Or is it just for vacation? Not everyone goes to the beach on vacation. Some prefer to Play Amo casino online.

Nevertheless, the trend has become global. And suddenly everyone wants a waterproof cell phone. But is there any other purpose than pool parties?

Actually, there is. It depends on where you live, to be exact. In some areas, the weather is so humid that it can attack the battery. So it is better to take care of your phone’s vents. 

But there is more. Small accidents can always happen. You spill some water on your phone while getting out of the shower. Or you might tip over your cup of coffee or juice.

But the most common cause is falling into the toilet. Even if you are not drunk, it can happen from time to time. That is because we are used to putting them in our pockets. And then when you sit down and forget about it. 

Even if you have a waterproof device, that is no guarantee that the buttons won’t be stuck. Or at least will be able to use it as before. So it is always better to be careful. 

So your phone is not protected from such accidents. But for that, you can take it to the bathtub with you. Or you can show your friends and family how cool you are and dive with it in the pool. Or you can take it with you when you go to the pool. Then you can take some cool underwater pictures. 

So is it just a cool, nice tool or actually useful? Well, if you like swimming but you are also addicted to your phone, then it should be waterproof. But there is also an alternative. 

You can simply buy a waterproof protective case. If you already have your phone and it is not waterproof. You can find such a cover everywhere. In many different designs and sizes. In almost any color you can imagine. And even with a cord. So you do not have to worry about losing your phone. Or putting it down somewhere and forgetting where. 

In any case, this special protection can do you good. But how does it actually work? How is it possible to dive with an electronic device?


Some experts say that your cell phone is never waterproof. No matter what the advertising says. In the fine print of some brands, you can even read that cell phones are not suitable for the sea or deep waters. But only for use in the swimming pool. Regardless of the advertising. Therefore, other damages are not covered by the warranty.

So check again if this is really important for you. And maybe take out another insurance policy specifically for water damage. 

What really makes a device waterproof is the adhesive. These special adhesives seal your phone. Especially around the buttons, ports, speakers, and other parts. Because liquids can penetrate through these openings. Usually, a brand new phone can resist better. But it also depends on how long the device is in water. A new device can be in the water for up to 8 hours. If it is older, even one drop can be too much. 

So it is better not to try it and always have a cover around the phone. 

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