Who is Mufti Anas

Who is Mufti Anas

Mufti Anas is a successful entrepreneur and diamond trader who has been trending on social media recently because of his marriage with actress Sana Khan. He runs several businesses in countries such as India, Dubai & Malaysia where they collect luxurious cars that are one hobby among many others for this busy man.

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Mufti Anas, also known as the “ diamond merchant” has been trending on social media for years now because of his marriage with actress Sana Khan. He runs a family business that diamonds and trades internationally too! In 2020 alone he collect many luxurious cars which are one hobby we bet our favorite businessman loves.

Mufti Anas Wiki:

Mufti loves luxury and simplicity. His Kurta costs between 90k-1 lac, he completed his education at a local school in Surat before completing graduate studies from Gujarat University where now lives an extravagant life with celebrity wife Sana Khan. In 2017 it was report that following their marriage to each other online videos of them tying the knot went viral attracting much attention worldwide not just in Pakistan but also among many international media outlets such Vanity Fair USA magazine which publish one article about this wealthy man who become Bangladesh’s prime minister within weeks after divorcing his first spouse!

Mufti Anas net worth

Mufti Anas is a young millionaire who loves luxury watches, shoes, and cars. He has various properties in foreign countries with an estimated value of around $7 million dollars. There isn’t much information available about him but I hope this article makes up for it by showcasing some interesting facts. Mufti Anas is a successful diamond merchant who owns properties in foreign countries, and his net worth can be estimated at $30 million.

Sana Khan’s Net Worth

When it comes to acting, Sana Khan is one of the more popular actors in India. She has appeared on various hit movies like Jai Ho and Bombay Talkies. For example which have helped advance her career greatly over time. In 2012 she starred as a finalist contestant during season 32 episode 1-3 called “Salman’s Big Boss” where they were trying out new ideas with hosting duties thrown into this mix too – not bad going at all from someone who started late compared t others…

After a recent unpleasant incident of the breakup with her ex-boyfriend, Melvin Louis changed everything. Sana Khan moved towards peace and found religion. She left Bollywood life to seek spiritual guidance through Ajaz’s links in faith; this led them both closer than ever before! Let’s take a look at what we know about her now:

  • Net Worth – $2 million dollars (as reported by Forbes)

Mufti Anas Age:

When Sana Khan got marry, people were shock to see her wedding news online. The videos and images of the event had been upload on Instagram by fellow diamond merchant Mufti Anas. These gave him an opportunity for fame after this video went viral among other things. When Sana Khan, the Instagram star from Gujrat got married to a diamond merchant in 2017; many people were shock. Her videos and images on social media showed off her stunning life as an Arbaaz singer for weddings until she surprised them all by announcing that it was indeed true after all! The input does not need any further explanation or elaboration other than what is give at a first glance. Coming to Sana Khan’s husband’s age, he was born on June 30th, 1985 in Surat Gujrat. He has a 36-year-old as of 2021.


What you may not have known about his wife Sara? The following story will give an insight into the life and times of this successful actress before she was stuck inside an ugly banker’s shoes. In her early days as an actor’s girlfriend/wifey-to-be (we can’t quite decide which), there were many who doubted whether or not Sallu could ever make it big in Bollywood – myself included! As time passed by though these haters soon realized their mistake when faced with reality. Behind those puppy dog eyes lies someone far more ambitious than they had anticipated; willing to do anything necessary including changing careers halfway.

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