What Musical Style Is Best for Your Event?

Music says a lot about who we are and how we connect with others. When you’re throwing an event, it’s vital that you take the time to pick music that will speak to everyone attending.

These are the top tips to find the best musical style for your event and why it matters.

What’s the Age Range?

The age range matters more than anything else when planning your event. A group of 90-year-olds will more than likely have vastly different musical tastes than a group of tweens. Although you shouldn’t pander to assumptions if you’re not familiar with the group, you can always stop and ask a few of the guests to see what they would like to listen to at the party or gathering.

What’s the Point of the Event?

Why are you throwing the event? Is this a wedding, and you want something classy and lovely? Or is this a youth gathering for church, and you’re curious about what types of Christian rappers are available in your area? The point of the event can change a lot about what type of event it is if it’s fun for everyone attending, and if people are going to want to come to another event you host.

How Many People Are Attending?

How many people will be at your event? Although you can have a musical act of any kind for a large crowd as long as you have good speakers and a fantastic microphone: hiring a swing band for a group of fewer than twenty people can be a little embarrassing.

Consider the size of your event, and then take that forward when picking your entertainment.

How Long is the Event?

How long is the event going to last? If you need music for over two hours, you’ll need to hire a DJ or multiple bands and musicians to fill out the blocks. Although some may be willing to play for that long, their sound will start to falter, and your guests might get bored of this specific act.

Do They All Have the Same Taste?

Do all of your guests have the same taste in music? Chances are, everyone attending has a different idea of what good music is and what they’d enjoy at a gathering. Because of this, it’s a great idea to mix things up.

Consider having a DJ and a band for different portions of the event. The DJ will be able to play a more broad selection of music to keep everyone happy, while the band can target the more niche music stylings you think the largest portion of your guests will enjoy. This makes for a fun and different entertainment layout that keeps everyone happy.

This can be more expensive, so it’s vital to budget accordingly.

Your Event Can Be Boosted By the Right Music!

Whether you’re hiring entertainment for a wedding or a church gathering, it’s vital that you have the right entertainment to ensure that it’s exciting for everyone! Consider these tips for finding your perfect entertainers.

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