Stainless Steel Filter Housings

Types of stainless steel filter housings

While you may be familiar with the various types of Stainless Steel filter housings you might not know why they are important. There are many uses for filter systems, including water purification and food service. We will be discussing some of the most important uses of these housings in this article. Continue reading to find out more. Filter housings made of stainless steel are a great choice!

Filter elements made of stainless steel

Many applications exist for stainless steel filter housing. These housings can be used for residential and commercial drinking water applications. These can also be used in humidifying systems. There are many sizes of stainless steel filter housings. The stainless steel filter housings can be used for many years without any maintenance. The material’s corrosivity is not a concern. Filter housings made of stainless steel can withstand extreme temperatures.

Stainless steel filter housings make a great choice for industrial and high-volume water systems. These filter elements are made up of multiple layers of 316-grade stainless metal mesh that are then sintered together. The filter elements’ efficiency is determined by the middle layer, which is fine-gauge. Protective and support are provided by the coarse-gauge stainless mesh layers. Stainless steel filter housings can be a strong and attractive option for water and wastewater treatment systems.

Duplex stainless steel filter housings

The duplex stainless steel filter housing can be used for high flow rates and high pressure. Croft Filters manufactures it and is a leading manufacturer of custom filtration solutions. They are popular because of the many benefits of stainless steel duplex filter housings. Housings are simple in design and feature a single handle for safe operation.

You can choose from a range of sizes and shapes for duplex filter housings. They can be used to separate liquids and gases. You can clean them with compressed air or cleaning fluid. They also have many flange connections. These filters can be used for both high/low temperatures applications and preliminary separation. Duplex filter housings have many advantages, including their low cost and ease-of-maintenance. Duplex stainless steel filter housings offer high-performance filtering and corrosion protection. They also have rugged durability.

Housings for cartridge filter housings made of stainless steel

The industry standard for liquid filtration is stainless steel cartridge filter housings. They are available in many styles to meet your requirements. These filter housings are easy to clean and can withstand any fluid. They are also ideal for industrial light-duty processes. The units are available in sizes ranging from 10″ up to 40″, and can hold both large and small cartridges. There are many mounting options available, including removable or permanently piped designs.

Housings Model 8500 are ruggedized and low-cost for general industrial applications. These units are available in sizes ranging from 10-inch to 20-inch, 30 inches to 40 inches, and can be installed easily. These units have a low pressure drop and easy-to-open clamp-style covers. They can also accept single cartridges. These units come standard with a complete material certification pack.

Housings for stainless steel lenticular filters

The stainless steel lenticular filter housing can be used to clean and process water. There are two sizes of housings available in the LRH series: 12″ and 16. There are both single and multiple cartridge options. All models can be disassembled easily and have electropolished finishes. The housings are built to withstand long periods of heavy use. WSFZ is an excellent choice for filtration applications that require frequent changing. It offers a great cost-performance ratio.

The stainless steel lenticular filter housing has been designed to meet the exacting requirements of the electronic, pharmaceutical, food and beverage, cosmetics and cosmetic industries. The housings are made of 316L stainless steel and resist corrosion. They also minimize adhesion to internal surfaces by allowing process fluids to flow freely. Housings can be used to hold multiple filter medias and are available in different flow rates. The sanitary stainless steel lenticular filter houses can be used in multiple applications.

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