Natures Menu Trade

Natures Menu Trade

Natures Menu is the perfect food for your furry friend, with a taste that’s just as enticing to them! With ingredients like fresh meat and fish cooked in locally sourced meats from around Australia, you can be sure it will satisfy any animal appetite. Named after nature herself-the great Mother of all living things on earth–this company takes its responsibility seriously when making meals tailored specifically toward pets’ needs while still maintaining an exciting adventurer spirit inside every tasty bite. Lets discuss Natures Menu Trade.

Features  Of Natures Menu:

Natures Menu started as a small family business in 1981 and has been flying the flag for real pet food from day one. They are proud to offer an unrivaled range of raw and natural pet foods like cats & dogs with locally sourced ingredients wherever possible putting healthy nutrition at heart in everything they do.

Pet Food:

The passion at Natures Menu started with a single-parent family business in 1981. All these years later, they are still passionate about giving pets what’s best for them – real food made from scratch using only high-quality ingredients! With an unrivaled range of raw and natural pet foods available for cats or dogs alike to choose from; including recipes just like ours (here) that you can’t buy anywhere else on the market today.

Complete Dinners:

Natures Menu is here to provide you and your pet with high-quality food that will keep them happy, healthy & active. We offer a variety of bowls made from meat or fish blended with fruits and veggies for those short on storage space. Natures Menu is here to help your pet learn about new foods, in single-serve portions that balanced and delicious.

Designed by Experts:

This is a great way to get your dog starton the right track with its diet. Made from quality ingredients, it’s easy for you and them! Just add some mince together in one bowl or separately as needed-the possibilities are endless when cooking at home today. The Natures Menu raw freeflow mince made with quality human-grade cuts of meat or fish and flowing to allow for portion control. Designby experts, it can also be mix at home in order to make up a complete meal.

Featuring Natures Menu Raw Vegetable:

Made with only the best cuts of meat and fish so your customers can be sure their dogs are getting a healthy, well-balance meal. Featuring Natures Menu Raw Vegetable Snacks mix in at home for complete nutritional bliss! These easily serve nuggets come ready to eat. All you need do is pour them out onto one plate or bowl. Overnight if necessary before eating then just microwave briefly. Until heat through thoroughly from the edge towards center approximately 30 seconds. 

Finest Meat and Fish Cuts:

The finest meat and fish cuts are used to make these human-grade nuggets, which can be mixed with Natures Menu Raw Vegetable Nuggets for a complete meal. naturally blended using wholesome fruits & vegetables rich in nutrients thawed out before serving.  Your dog will be a happy camper with Country Hunter’s high-quality, natural food. The best part? You can feel good about what you’re feeding him because it only has 80% meat and vegetables in addition to all of those essential vitamins & minerals.


Natures Menu started in 1981, and they have been providing quality food for pets ever since. They use only the highest-quality ingredients. It make sure that your cat or dog is getting exactly what it needs from a plate. Not just empty calories like many commercial brands can provide! With an unrivaled range of raw & natural options available (including packed meals), there’s something perfect waiting at this UK-based company. 

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