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How to Deal With Security Threats in Linux Shared Hosting


Every website owner is concerned about data security because of the evolving cyber threats. The website forms the reflection of your web presence. Any harm or manipulation to your website can make you lose the integrity and value of your brand. 

This further makes you lose the trust of the customer base you build over time. Basically, the web hosting server performs a significant role when it comes to the website’s security. Most internet users think that the costlier web hosting server can only provide robust security to the websites. But this is not actually true always. 

In this guide, you will come across the most cost-effective web hosting solution that has the potential to provide high-level data security – Linux shared hosting. You will get insights into how the best Linux shared hosting can offer the ultimate protection to your website under the cheapest pricing. So, let us first start by explaining to you the basic functioning of the Linux web hosting before we hop on to our major insights. 

About Linux Shared Hosting

The Linux shared hosting is the type of shared server web hosting that runs the Linux operating system at the server’s base. With the Linux shared web hosting, you share the common space and resources of the central server with many other users. You must know that the Linux operating system is an open-source platform. 

So, it is free to employ. Further, the sharing makes the overall cost price of the Linus shared hosting plans and packages much cheaper than other web hosting solutions. The Linux shared web hosting is the simple yet effective web hosting solution you can have for your website. It gives you what you need and enables you to pay only for what you utilize. 

This makes the Linux shared hosting servers quite feasible and economical. Moreover, you do not have to get bothered about the tasks related to your web hosting services such as maintenance, monitoring, administration, updates, etc. All of this comes under the responsibility of your web hosting company.

Thus, you can invest your complete focus as well as time to grow your website online without any hassle or difficulty. Now before we tell you how shared hosting can provide your website with high-grade data protection, you must be aware of the security threats under shared hosting. Dive into the subsequent segments to grab all the insights. 

Security Threats in Linux Shared Hosting You Should be Aware of

Security Threats in Linux Shared Hosting

Shared server resources

All the web resources that come with Cheap Linux shared hosting, such as storage, memory, etc., are shared among all the websites residing on the same central web server. If any website’s operation goes wrong or is inappropriate, it can make your website suffer. Also, if any fault occurs on the shared server, the entire server can go offline. This results in high downtime of your website. 

Shared IP address

When your website shares an IP address with other sites, there are many vulnerable spots through which your website can encounter downfall. For instance, suppose the website you are sharing the IP address is illegal or incorporates spamming. As a result, your website can get blacklisted by search engines because of such an IP address. 

Unrestricted hosting access

Under the shared hosting, there are some files and data that are accessible to users. The inexperienced user or accidents causing such files and data to be modified can make your website face adverse effects

Ways to Overcome Security Threats in Linux Shared Hosting

Threats in Linux Shared Hosting

Enforcing regular password rotation

With the Cheap Linux shared hosting, you can create and keep updating robust passwords. It also lets you enable a firewall for the security of your website from outside attacks. 

Backup your server

You can not control all the security threats to your website’s data. There can be accidents, intentional attacks, or your own mistake that can make you lose your website’s data. So, it is always wise enough to take multiple and robust backups periodically under the Linux shared hosting to ensure the protection of your website and so your efforts in building it. Further, Linux allows you to customize the security features as well as implement the required ones. 

Configure 2FA

The best Linux shared hosting enables you to execute two-factor authentication (2FA). This helps in intensifying the security of your website.

Disable the root login

Linux distributions incorporate a superuser ‘root’ containing raised administrative permissions. You must disable this login to save your website from any exploitation by other websites residing on the same server as well as hackers. 


As discussed, the Linux shared server web hosting is the cheapest web hosting solution available in the industry. It gives you the opportunity to establish the ultimate data security for your website and its users. 

Furthermore, to make this possible you have to find the most reliable and recognized web hosting company such as Hostbillo. Hostbillo-web hosting company provides an extensive range of fully managed Linux shared server hosting plans and packages. From among them, you can pick the aptest one for your website. 

Also, the company provides 7 days of credit back assurance with every web hosting plan and package. This makes you do a safe money and time investment by being sure that you will not lose them on any wrong web hosting services. Hostbillo offers 24/7 customer support service via experts. 

They are on their toes round the clock to provide prompt responses and most fortunate solutions. So, you can connect with them anytime over multiple communication channels to get additional details or ask about queries regarding the best yet cheapest Linux shared hosting. 

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