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Follow some dos and don’ts while naming your business

One of the first few things to get right when starting a business is choosing the perfect name for the company. A name differentiates one from its competitors and helps customers associate it with the value provided to them. It is pivotal but not easy to select a catchy name that also communicates your business dealings.

A name is necessary to start any business. But before picking up the perfect business name, it is vital to have a clear idea of the nature of the business structure. It is so because name registration rules vary according to business structure. If it’s a company, the name simultaneously registers as the company registration. However, in the case of sole vendors and partnerships, the business name must have registration. Otherwise, it becomes difficult to function in any market.

While naming, it is also essential to check whether some other firm already uses the name. Technically, multiple business entities can use a particular name unless it gets registered as a trademark. However, keeping in mind the brand value a label carries, the name must be unique and different from others.

The name should be catchy and easy but unique at the same time to grab attention. Using dull and repetitive names is a mistake. Following are a few hacks to choose a name that communicates the services being offered and is also unique and easy to remember at the same time.

How to make catchy and unique names?

 You may use a business name generator as it avoids being too meaningful or too vague. For example, a generic name looks dull and won’t stand out among other competitors. But a catchy name is not only exciting but also descriptive while being easy to remember.

The name is a game of words concerning the service you provide. Using modified versions of keywords works best, provided that it conveys what the business offers. A perfect name is neither very long nor complicated, at the same time also being appealing to prospective customers. It must be pleasant in sound, effortless to pronounce, and easily memorable.

Can a name impact business sales?

 You must try not to choose a similar name to other competitive businesses in the industry. Appearing unoriginal is not suitable for brand image. Potential customers might confuse companies of similar names, making it difficult for them to come back.

Giant companies use acronyms for their names. But at the time of starting a business, the goal is to establish the brand. Here acronyms further confuse possible customers. Also, there is a chance that business acronyms will match, thus making it difficult to look up on search engines.

A brand name is the first step while building a business, though it gives an excellent first impression; customer satisfaction brings success to a business. Thus, choosing a name is challenging, but not daunting. The good idea is to take the opinion of family and friends and get a different point of view.

One you’ve got a catchy name for your company, it’s just as important to get a good logo design for your business. There are a few different options to get started on your logo. The first is to use a logo maker, you could also use a logo contest and lastly, get your logo designed by a graphic designer.

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