Choker 5e

Choker 5e

They would hide underground to ambush unsuspecting prey, then use their powerful jaws (which are too dirty for touching)to chew through any armor or flesh before finally strangling it into submission with one quick move. Chokeys make great pets if you’re short on space though – just make sure your ladder stays clean because these guys don’t need any ladders themselves when they can climb right up to one’s leg like this guy here does. Let us discuss Choker 5e.

What Is Choker?

“Chokers are the worst kind of monster you can have as a familiar. They’re ugly and useless, but if your Wizard is shorter than average they might make an okay pet!”


The choker is a strange and unusual creature, but it has some neat abilities. It can take extra action on its turn (in addition to the normal moves), clings tightly even if there’s little room for movement available in order to make contact with those around them or grabbers come into play when needed most! What really stands out about this nasty friend though? Its ability spider climb; otherwise known as being able to propel themselves across ceilings so quick you’ll never be able to track where they went!.


Multiattack. The choker makes two tentacle attacks. Melee Weapon Attack: +5 to hit, reach 10 ft., one target.<br>Hit: 5 (1d4 + 3) bludgeoning damage plus 3 (1d6) piercing damage if the target is a Large or smaller creature grappled by this Tentacles attack then they are also Grappleed until the grapple ends.


The choker is a dangerous and elusive creature that lives deep underground. It has two long Tentacles to catch its prey, but it doesn’t need them because food always seems willing enough for this particular taste test! If you’re unfortunate enough to be targeted by one of these nasty guys then don’t worry- your life ambitions will still happen although not quite how planned out they were before. The Choker 5e is a dangerous creature that can neither breathe nor speak until its grapple ends. It has two long tentacle-like arms and these are what makes it so deadly, as they deal critical hits with no chance for Parry or dodge.

Internal Structure:

These worms are the ultimate ambush predators, lying in wait for prey with their bodies tautly wrapped around any available object – whether it be a rock or tree limb. As soon as an animal walks by they will swiftly reel themselves back into its intestinal tract just enough so that there’s no risk of being detected before striking. Their flexible internal structure allows them to easily slip into narrow fissures and niches in the walls of their cavern homes. They lurk here, silent but unseen by all who pass by without noticing how deeply these creatures penetrate into rock with ease!

General and Appearance:

A small, furry creature with leathery wings and an erected horn on its forehead. It has a dark vision to see in the dark but can also detect ferocity when someone is looking at it directly; if they are not intimidated by your presence then there might be something wrong! Theoricially speaking through far-off sounds seem muffled so this may be due simply to having sharp hearing rather than pinpointing objects/people nearby like some sort of radar dish. Regardless these traits make them perfect candidates for hunting adventures where stealthiness matters most – plus you’ll always know where those pesky Leprechauns are.


The low-growing Aberration is a strange creature that can be found in dimly lit areas. These small creatures have the ability to climb on surfaces and move quickly using their six legs for balance. They also possess dark vision which allows them to see at night or when hidden from light sources such as suns (but not bright lights). The three types include cavern choker ably managed environments. It can do with ample room between plants/bushes. There’s little illumination over long distances, fey grove necker this variety lives within torchlight range.

Final Lines:

The alien’s body is covered in what looks like soft, mottled brown skin. Its long limbs and tentacle-like digits give it an otherworldly appearance as well! These aliens average about 3 feet tall (about 110 centimeters) with their height depending on the individual’s weight. So some may be slightly taller or shorter. This estimate is based on statistics gathered from studies done by our team here at Area 51.

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