5e Thunderstep

5e Thunderstep

You can use this spell to get yourself out of danger quickly. Teleport 10 feet ahead, then boom! You deal thunderous damage and force everyone within range who doesn’t succeed on their Constitution saving throw with an immunity or half as much harm if they do manage it instead. The sound often carries up to 300ft away from where the actual effect takes place. Lets read about 5e Thunderstep.

Features Of 5e Thunderstep:

You disappear and a thunderous boom sounds, sending creatures within 10 feet of your previous location running for cover. They must succeed on Constitution saving throws or take 3d10 damage proportional to their distance from where you teleported into position as well as hear the noise coming from up-close all 300 yards away.

Willing Creature:

You can bring objects with you as long they don’t exceed what your body weighed. You’ll also be able to Teleport one willing creature that is carrying at least some of the load, up until its maximum weight limit (which may not yet have been reached). The chosen individual must remain within 5 feet of yourself once cast; otherwise, it’s left behind. You can bring along objects as long their weight doesn’t exceed what you’ll carry. You’ll also be able to teleport one willing creature who is carrying things with them, up until the point where they would normally land after being teleported; this lets those creatures transport other people or items too! The limitation here though- since there must always exist an unoccupied space within 5 feet of your destination spot for any given transfer–is that if someone flees into dangerous territory on foot without warning before arrival (or gets stuck halfway through), he may well end.

Casting Thunderstep

Casting Thunderstep is a complicated spell. It takes the form of an intricate, ear-piercing screech that can be cast at any time during your turn but only if you have nothing else on hand and are not engaged in combat with another creature or object already – otherwise it might put you onto one’s back. Casting Thunderstep is an action that requires you to take a “cast spell” during your turn. If there are no other spells on the dragons earlier we might think this could put us onto their backsides.

Tasha’s Hideous Laughter:

Now initially glance, which will not sound all that awesome. 3d6 damage isn’t an entire lot and everyone they are doing is running away! That’s why Tasha’s Hideous Laughter was so great it shuts down enemies in melee range together with your barbarian Hacker teammates when he/she retreats for a chance at some good old-fashioned psychic abuse (and runs them right into their friends). But you needn’t worry about this fight since first-level spells only do minimum impactfulness like 15 points worth of pounding on someone per go– but let me tell ya what happens next. 3d6 damage isn’t an entire lot, and everyone runs away. That’s not shutting them down in any way like Tasha’s Hideous Laughter would do; but you are doing it on a tough enemy who is within melee range together with your barbarian teammates– when they get too close or run far past him (or her), then chances arise for psychic attack! An amazing first-level spell that does this kind of harm plus making opponents flee from our party – good stuff indeed.

Four Spell:

Four spell slots on one fight? That’s a recipe for disaster! The odds are never in your favor and you’ll have nothing left when it comes time to face off against another opponent later in the day. In fact, this seems more like an “everything or nothing” kind of situation – if we’re going all out then at least make sure there is some recovery so that our efforts don’t go down as easily tomorrow morning (or ever).


Haste does provide you with an Action. You’ll also take the Attack Action with it. You’ll only use it once, which is what you’re doing. And because you used the Attack Action, you’d be ready to launch a bonus action attack.

Dissonant Whispers 5e

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